Regarding LOR and criteria queries

Hi All,

I have few queries regarding letter of recommendations and mandatory eligibility criteria.
1)As per guidelines we need to submit 3 letter of recommendations. But currently I am working in my 2nd company. Is it mandatory to get 3 letters, or submitting 2 letters will also do.
2)Regarding the mandatory eligibility criteria, what all document can be uploaded. Can we again
upload the letter of recommendation as a proof for this criteria or anything else needs to be done.

3)Can we add internal company awards and trainig certificates as proof.

Please do reply.
Thank you in advance.

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  1. I think 3 letters are the minimum. Can’t you get 2 people from one of your companies to write a letter? The guideline is 3 letters - they don’t have to be from different companies.

  2. There are dozens of discussion threads already around this. Please go through the forum to get an idea of documents you can consider. You can perhaps start by reading this and this. To answer your question - yes, more needs to be done, to say the least.

  3. Yes, you can.



Thank you Shreeniwas for your prompt reply. It was little bit confusing because in technation site below guidelines are mentioned:
“Three letters of recommendation from three different well-established organisations acknowledged as experts in the digital technology field.”
So wanted to get clarified as in my case i have only worked in 2 organisations so far.

Also I have few more questions if you could please clarify:
1)Does the recom. letters have to be on letter heads or with out letters heads are also accepted.
2)Letters of recommendations needs to included in CV? or it can be presented as separate doc. Sorry for asking this again, because i didn’t find any guidelines regarding this.

For (1) Please see this, this and this.

For (2) How can you include your letters of recommendations into your CV? Each recommendation letter would be 3 pages long, and the total length of your CV document can only be 3 pages long.