Organisation’s logo and registered address, if applicable

Hi all,

As previously raised on the below thread, the company name and address are now marked as “if applicable” with regards to the 3 endorsement letters

However, while browsing the forum I came across a range of opinions on the topic - some believe the letterhead is still required, some believe it is useful, others state it doesn’t need to be there

To lay our doubts to rest, it would be really useful if someone who has been successfully endorsed since December 2020 (i.e. applied with the new rules) would be able to confirm whether they were able to use letters without logos, company address and etc, and which format their letters had

I’m sure such info would be beyond appreciated by many upcoming applicants. Thanks!


Relates - what about getting a letter signed on white paper and attaching a letter of employment from that organization (to Tech nation) .

I know I am totally not being useful here, but my curiosity is getting ahead of me.

Why would your CEO/CIO be willing to endorse you on white paper, but not on the letterhead? i.e. what are their reservations? I can understand if a junior level employee feels uncomfortable using an official letterhead without knowing whether they are permitted or not, but surely the CEO and CIO should have no such reason.

Additionally, a CEO or CIO who is already willing to endorse would know the value that their letterhead can bring to the endorsement, so I am wondering why they would go half-way and not full-way.