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Hi all,

I love this forum! This has helped me so much, not just getting answers for questions, but also getting motivation when it was required to the maximum extent!

I applied for the Global Talent Visa on Feb 15 and received a notice of approval on Feb 17. I don’t know if it would help others, but below is my case/documentation summary.

I am a Chip Design Lead at Intel, USA, with over 15 years of experience. My three referees were:

  1. CTO of a bay area start up in medical electronics. He was my batchmate in IIT, India. We have written 2 IEEE papers as joint authors
  2. Professor at NSU, Singapore. He is editor of an IEEE journal where I reviewed many papers.
  3. Senior manager at Microsoft. He worked with me at Intel and we jointly designed a couple of chips

For mandatory criteria, I submitted the following:

  1. Job offers from two UK start-ups (as Principal Engineer)
  2. Proof that my current salary is very high within my domain and location
  3. My awards (Who’s Who in Science and Engg, and a few awards from companies and outside)
  4. 3 letters describing my contribution -
    (a) Prof from EPFL, Switzerland. Cited my research in his papers
    (b) Director of another bay area chip start-up (he was my ex-manager)
    © Researcher from Philips, Netherlands (joint author for 2 papers)

For optional criteria 2:

  1. editorship at all the journals
  2. some proof of my 200+ IEEE paper reviews
  3. Proof for conference charing, invited talk
  4. Letter from another Prof from Harvard (he is a real bigshot in his field… I am grateful that he even wrote this letter for me)

optional criteria 4:

(1) My google scholar page and excerpts from my 12 IEEE publications
(2) A letter from an assistant prof from IIT Kgp, India. His PhD thesis was a follow up of my research.

Please let me know if you need any help with anything. I would be glad to pay forward all the help I received.



@Bubun you seem to have an amazing profile. Best of luck with stage 2.

Congratulation @Bubun

Great Bubun

May I check, how many people wrote letters for you in total? OR how many are required minimum?
3 referees+ 1 for mandatory+ 2 to cover two optional? Total 6 people minm?


Answered through Any format for the Reference Letter?