Endorsement letter - left the organisation

Hi all!

How should one go about presenting a reference from a senior person they worked closely with, but since then that person has moved on to another company?

I.e. senior person and I worked together in company A some years back, but today neither of us are employed there

Is it appropriate to mark their reference with the letterhead of the company they don’t work for anymore, or should it be branded with their new firm, which I personally have no affiliation with?

Thanks in advance, German

I guess letterhead is not an important criteria. Your referee has to be an executive and know your work.

I also just got my 2nd letter from my senior who left my company few months ago. He just mentioned that we worked together in my current company and he is well aware of my work.

Letterhead from old company which he left is out of question. He may use letterhead of his current company if he can. One thing is for sure, he must mention how you two are connected which here in your case would be your working together in the old company

Thanks for your reply - were you able to successfully pass the first stage with that letter?

Thanks, this makes sense. Did you successfully get endorsed in the past?

Hi @mgerman I will hopefully get my 3rd letter today but the letterhead thing has been discussed in another post. Word “letterhead” existed in Tech Nation guide in past but it has been removed as of now.

Mind sharing a link to the thread you’ve mentioned? Thanks

Logo and address mean Letter Head, TN didnt remove this criteria.

  • Include a telephone number and email address, and the organisation’s logo and registered address, if applicable

That clearly says “if applicable” so does not seem a mandatory criteria

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