Stage 1 waiting times?

I understand, just consider it like a visa application where every application/applicant is different. Some might get result earlier and some might later. But everyone will get it within 8 weeks. Fingers crossed for you.

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Sure, I will keep you posted.

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@kundan_kanan @pmcallis88 Just a small update. I’ve messaged the Home office last night to see if my application is through and being assessed. They have kindly messaged this morning saying it is still with the TN assessor. I’ve noticed that a few minutes before the email, I had the very first edit on TN portal.

So if anyone is reading this thread much later - I don’t know my result yet, but just for the record, there are cases that you don’t get any edit until the beginning of week 6.


I have been rejected. Not going to appeal it. As I have said in my post earlier, I am happy where I am but still gave it a try. All it tells me is the incompetence of tech nation to evaluate and UK to not get entrepreneurs to contribute.
Good luck to all of you.


What a shame, I’m sorry to hear. Wishing you the best with what you are happy with right now xxx

In case anyone finds it helpful.

Applied May 15th
Had around 4-5 edits
Got approved on June 4th

Applied as a UX Designer for exceptional promise


Would it be possible to share your details for MC and Optional criteria

Sure. I posted it here: UX Design - Can you review my application?

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Looks like your usage of reference letter as supporting evidence for OCs worked!

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Thanks! Yes, it did, but I think it helped that all my reference letters were tied to other pieces of evidence.

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hey! have you heard back?

Thanks for checking @itsmevaleriegan, hope you’re well.

I’ve only had 2 Edits so far. 4 June is the day I messaged them asking about the progress.

  • Application: 30 April around 4 or 5 pm
  • 1st Edit: 4 Jun 2024 10:04
  • 2nd Edit: 4 Jun 2024 14:57
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Anyone applied in June and got a response already?

oh wow! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I applied 31st May.

After I received the confirmation that it was sent to tech nation, i saw the date changed to 4th June 530PM. (im thinking thats the first edit?)

Hoping you hear back soon!

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You can see your edits if you click Preview

thanks nat! I guess thats the only edit so far. I see 4th June as last edited smiling_face:

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Is this for exception promise? Keep us updated🤞

Is this for exceptional promise? Keep us updated

Just submitted. Fingers crossed

Submitted application on 20th May.

As of today 14th June no decision. Last edit on 3rd June.

Applied under exceptional talent business route.

Is it normal to have such delay as most people get decision in 3 weeks?

Also, is it more likely to get an approval within 3 weeks than if it takes longer? Please advise.