UX Design - Can you review my application?

Hi all! I’m planning on applying for the Exceptional Promise visa as a UX Designer. I’ve been a designer for 4 years in 3 different countries within Europe. Would appreciate any feedback on my evidence. Thanks in advance!

Self: Introductory Info

  1. 1,000 word essay
  2. Resume

Recommendation Letters: Goal of high regard among professionals

  1. CEO of Company A where I worked as a designer for 2 years
  2. Founder of a well-renowned UX website who is familiar with my work
  3. Head of a UX training organization who is familiar with my work

Mandatory Criteria: Goal of proving self as a lead talent

  1. Evidence of speaking and mentoring at several UX conferences and cohorts
  2. Copies of my articles and resources from reputable UX publications
  3. Evidence of contracts, higher than average salaries, and bonuses at several past companies

Optional Criteria: Goal of proving innovation, + sector advancement outside job

  1. Additional recommendation letter from Head of UX Accessibility at Company A
  2. Open-sourced UX templates and projects published on sites such as Figma Community
  3. Evidence of innovation at previous companies (case studies, AI/UX projects, etc.) and how it’s impacted the UX field as a whole, alongside an additional letter from a UX Director from Company B
  4. Additional letter (tied to point 10) about my impact on my source’s impact on the field, by a UX Director.
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you need evidence for two optional criteria

Hi Francisca, I think my optional criteria covers two points:

  • Point OC1: Innovation while being an employee at a company; this is shown with additional recommendation letters are resources (evidence 9 & 11)
  • Point OC2: advancement of the sector outside of immediate occupation; this is shown in one doc plus a supplemental reference letter (evidence 10 & 12)

Sorry for not making that clear, I’ll edit the post. Let me know if you think that answers your concern though.

Your evidence are mostly reference latters. Tech nation guide " * Note that the use of letters of reference alone to show how you meet any of the criteria is not sufficient, additional evidence should be provided"