Request to review my profile and Suggest

Dear All,

Hope you are all doing well.

I am planning to apply for a global talent endorsement and visa and sometime starting Jan 2022

I have around 12 years (3 organizations) of experience and currently working as Data Engineering Manager.

3rd Org. : Currently (Since 4 years) i am working with one of the big 4 consulting firms since last 4 years and helped major fmcg
client in the UK to implement Data Analytics platform in Azure Cloud.

2nd Org. : Before that i have worked with service based firm as Big Data Analytics Lead to implement data lake soultion on Hadoop

1st Org. : I have also worked in the UK for two years (2014 and 2016) for setting up billing and telecom mediation platform for BT Sports. But here
BT was a client for me and i was working in service based organization

I have received Internal Awards in all organizations

I am also currently working as Azure COE in my current organzation where i train and support people resolving issues.

I would like to understand if i am the right fit for the endorsement and the visa ?

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Hello @sumit_v4, while your career journey/profile seem interesting, I think your application would be lacking one major detail, which is what you have done outside of your regular job.

You must provide adequate details and references of your contribution to your sector outside your work.

External Awards would also make your application stronger.

You should consider going through the TechNation guide again:

Thanks @iSlimfit for responding.

I was invited for a roundtable discussion by Horton works in 2018 in a summit.
I have an active profile on Jira fixing issues for apache hive.
Also an active profile.on stackoverflow. Are these things will make any difference

Large part of your work profile seems to be in Consulting companies, with none of the clients (like BT) being product led. One of the big concerns I see is the link to “product-led” innovation bit.

Perhaps there is more to your profile that you haven’t shared here?

thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer, I am directly not linked to any product-led organizations not sure if like this comes in product-led innovation “with Unilever UK, was a solution architect for a global Data Analytics platform”

Please read Stage 1 : Endorsement Rejection and Endorsement rejected & review help is needed in detail, focussing on the words used to reject these applications by TechNation panel, to understand where I am going with this.

One example here too - Stage 1 - Application/Endorsement rejected twice

Thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer for putting the references. Clears my many questions.