Stage 1 : Endorsement Rejection

Hello Experts,

Sad to hear but I did not get endorse for my application due to failing on 1 criteria: They have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the
field as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company

The feedback for OC3 is as below :

Could anyone please help and guide me ?



Sorry for the rejection. It’s important to take the feedback the accessor provided into consideration. Product led criteria is really hard to challenge in a review especially if you are not a founder. What you can do is look at the other criteria where you can provide strong evidence to back your application. All the best

@pete_rock thank you , so i will have to re apply for it?

Would you suggest to make an appeal? Also i m wondering that they mentioned 5 years of bar for the exceptional promise route and i am having 7 years with the same organization so do you think exceptional promise is correct route for me?

Sorry for the rejection.

I am no expert as I myself have applied for GTV in the last week and awaiting for the response. But still trying to answer your question as I have chosen the same criteria.

Based on feedback it seems that they weren’t able to understand the contributions made by you in those projects and the impact that was created by your contribution to those projects.

My first question is the projects that you were part of, was it a product for your clients? If yes mention your exact contribution that you made to that product and not as the whole team.

Secondly you can use architecture design of your contribution as evidence and show what impact was created by your contribution in the projects. To support this evidence also you can use a reference letter from someone who can talk about the impact created by your work.

It would be good if you can mention what evidence
You have given. I myself will get some more idea about the same and will get to know about my application too.

It’s really up to you to be honest. You can’t add any new evidence to appealing so if you decide to appeal you will have to explain how the existing evidence you submitted meets that criteria. If you decide to reapply you need to restructure your evidence to focus on you. The evidence should talk about your innovations and contributions and not what was achieved as a team. Hope this helps and all the best.

It appears you shared just part of the feedback so it is difficult to suggest if you have a chance to appeal. Besides, you have not listed the criteria you chose and the nature of evidence you shared. If you want some feedback here, be more explicit.

Thank you Pete for your guidance.

Hello, the criteria is already there in my message in bold and the reason for rejection is in the screenshot i have attached . The evidence i submitted shows the work i did with my organization in 4 projects which got rejected as per the reason in the screenshot.

The rest of the feedback just talks about my acceptance for the remaining criteria.

Kindly let me know if you need any other details.

Thank you for asking the question.

i want to assume you met 2 out of three criteria. Did you submit proof from github to show your work and the nature of projects carried out? If the companies you have worked for are product-led then you need to base your argument on that as they may have made assumptions based on what is online. In any case, I always recommend a review when it is just one criteria they have concerns about. It will also help to know what other evidence you submitted for the first two criteria to see where you can draw some strength to support you appeal.