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I am currently working in UK as an IT consultant in the field of data warehousing/cloud/Application support for a reputable firm. I am in Uk on Intra company transfer Tier 2 visa. I have a bachelors degree in Telecommunication engineering from Pakistan and a MSc degree in Telecommunication systems from Sweden.
I have more than 8 years of experience in data warehousing field on different UK/European based projects. I read the requirements for this program but can someone provide me some guidance on application preparation for global talent program based on brief intro about my profile above.


Dear @AkhtarAli

Your profile looks strong. You may apply in exponential promise category to my opinion (though I am not an expert in your field). There are many senior colleagues in the forum who can comment in a better way @sojo @vzaidman @happysoul @zamana @pete_rock

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Hi @AkhtarAli: Please provide more details on your work.
Your case can go in either promise or talent route. But please note that your work is product/platform oriented and not Services. Please do describe the kind of work you are doing and have been doing in last 5 yrs.

I work for a multinational company which provides data analytics and analytics related sottware, product and services. I have been working with this firm for more than 9 years now and I have worked in different roles e.g Database platform/DBA Engineer, SQL Developer, ETL ops/development, SQL query Optimization and Data migration on different UK/European projects.

In my current role, I am working in a reputable bank in UK on a product/Application development/support, SQL development ,ETL L3 support and SQL query Optimization in a DevOps model. The product is used by the bank’s marketing/finance department. Apart from this I have delivered multiple workshops on Data warehouse & SQL Development to some startups. Also within the firm I delivered multiple workshops with solution architects and trained new comers as well.

Kindly guide me through the route so that I can switch from tier 2 ICT visa to Global talent visa. And what steps should be taken to make this thing a success. Thanks

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The way i understand, your role is IT services oriented.

As it has been highlighted multiple times here as well as on TN visa guide, there could be challenges with a IT services/consulting work. Please re-think on how you want to approach.

I could be wrong though due to my limited understanding from your post. Do look out for old threads which talks a lot about these potential issues. all the best


Consulting is a big field. I work for a product led company and the current banking project I am working on, is using our multiple products/applications.
Based on the bank’s requirement, my team continuously develops new features for the existing product which help the bank deliver multiple services to their customers.
On home office website they have mentioned the technical skill set.
Quoting from home office website below
Tech Nation’s criteria are designed for applicants with technical and business skills in the digital technology sector. Suitable skill types are listed below.
This list is not complete and provides an indication of the typical applicants assessed by Tech Nation.

  • DevOps / SysOps engineers
  • Principal software engineers/developers
  • Experienced data scientists/data engineers
    and other fields
    My current role and previous career is a mix and match of above three fields depending on the project I have worked on. Being an employee of the product led company and working as a consultant in the role of data engineer, is my profile not good enough for exceptional promise program?

IF you can bring out these elements in your application backed by more evidences then you can have a good chance.

If you have been working in same field or product line from starting of your career, your case could be more suited for exceptional talent.

There is no rule as such but everyone advices that promise is generally less than 5 yrs experience in a field.

Please do refer to guidelines and other post. I dont represent TN or an expert, so you need to research and study the form more.


If your salary within UK is above 64000 GBP does it count as a positive contribution to your application?

I am not based out of UK, so wont be able to answer this question. Also, as i understand it depends on your role and experience.

In my first application, I submitted my gross annual salary that is a bit over 100k USD (72k GBP) and it was considered to be a respectable income. I guess this can give some context about the amount.


And your first application got approved?

@happysoul @pont87
Is is mandatory for reference letters to be on letter heads? Normal letter with referee’s complete contact details doesn’t count?

Unfortunately, my first application did not get approved because of insufficient user traction for my open source project. I am preparing for a re-submit with more evidence in impact and innovations I did in my previous company. See this thread Please rate my profile for Stage 1

It may fit into the mandatory critetria, you can show your contract of employment with earnings as evidence. " * You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings"

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A recent applicant (Stage 1 : Endorsement Rejection) was rejected on the basis that her work is for a consulting company for end-clients who were also not product led. They also remarked that any experience beyond 5 years means that you should apply for Talent and not Promise route. Please review that thread - might help you in your application.