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I cant find product management specific advice, thus starting this new thread.

I am applying as a product person who has evolved in product career from a product manager to product owner to now a product leader. Over the years I’ve built and contributed to several products ranging from internal business tools, B2B SaaS, analytics and consumer products.

Given most product management work is a collaborative team effort wherein the PM leads and guides the work but may not directly create it. Eg -

  1. Designers create wireframes, UX/UI. Product owner guides it
  2. Engineers write code, product owner guides it

What is the best way to evidence a product manager’s work for GTV exceptional talent? I’m very confused how to proceed. Can someone kindly help.


I am PM who has gotten endorsed recently.
As a PM you are responsible for the product you build and launch. Your impact is measured directly correlated to the impact of your product/suite of products.
In my case, it was a bit complicated because I own a greenfield opportunity that has significant long-term impact but fewer immediate results. I showed how my product area is directly linked to my firm’s long-term growth plans. I got a letter of recommendation from my CPO and also added in a few presentations where my product area is highlighted as a key growth area.

I’d suggest starting with an inventory of products/features etc you’ve launched. Also create a list of things you’ve launched but failed - that can show the scale of impact. You are a PM so you’d know this already but make sure each of those has numbers (impact on revenue, losses, any other metrics). Show how those numbers correspond to your firm’s scale. Ex: Saving $1,000 a month in losses might not be cool enough if you work at Google but for might mean everything for a startup.

Feel free to post a list here if you want us to take a look. Goes without saying that what worked for me might not work for you.

Thanks for your response @VM23 really appreciate you extending support.

I’ve listed down all the products I’ve launched and categorised them into MC, OC1(innovation) and OC3 (impact). Will share more on this soon.

I have a couple of burning questions in the meanwhile. Can you please help with them -
1 -

2 -

3. What product artefacts would you suggest to add to show evidence for a mobile app (iOS and Android) launched 2 weeks back? We’re still in rollout phase so no impact yet.
4. Re above product, should I be worried that it does not have any traction yet. Because per TN’s guidance “Products should have market traction, as such products that have been created but not yet deployed to market, and have not yet been earning revenue, do not meet the high bar set by Tech Nation.”
5. Re above product again, there’s no patent as such. TN guidelines for employee working in a new field asks for a patent. How should this be looked at? (This is a consumer product in Proptech space - possible a new area)
6. I have my own product idea in healthtech not launched yet but I have a prototype. Do you think its worth mentioning it in my personal statement and add some evidence? What might a reasonable evidence look like for something which is in stealth mode?

Thank you very much in advance :pray:

Number of views? Number of downloads? Number of calls to a service? I’m guessing you had a GTM defined pre launch, Maybe you could share the projected growth numbers?

hmm I didn’t know about this patent requirement.

Yeah, worth a mention but just in passing if it ties back to the overall story.