Why industry leading expert letter cannot be a colleague for mandatory criteria?

Question is about “New Changes on June 2021” in which it is mentioned that letter of recommendation from colleague is not acceptable ? But my question is a colleague can only recommend a person as he knows his team mate because he knows his best work? Kindly provide advice

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I don’t have the answer for this, but I wondered about changes. Is it possible to share it?

Think of endorsement as a job profile. Every job has specific requirements and we do not ask the company why they need them all? Because it is a reciprocal arrangement between two parties where both should get what they want out of the ordeal. Here the arrangement between you and the UK as simple as that.

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Could anyone share a link where the change is mentioned?


@921kiyo, Current guidance doesn’t have such thing. The only thing which it asks is that the person must be a senior member of organisation which in my opnion fair ask.

Point no. GTE 7.2 (b)
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Hi Mukesh,

For GTA 7.3 (a) It is mentioned in tech nation guidance that “Evidence of recognition, such as Reference Letters, provided by an immediate colleague, manager, or friend are not sufficient.”

It is mentioned in tech nation guidance not in immigration website.

It is for mandatory criteria.

Endorsement also known as stage 1 is not an immigration application so guidance published by the relevant body is what matters. Stage 2 however, is an immigration application and relevant immigration rules, laid before the Parliament and accepted as law trump any guidance or other source available. Coming back to endorsement, I would go by official Technation guide only.

Thanks for your help.

@Mukesh_Adhvaryu : Need your help with another question that I have in the following link :slight_smile:4 months old letter of recommendation ? Will there be any problem?

As part of mandatory criteria i did provide one letter from my immediate manager along with other documentations of salary, and an award. And 2 other letters from ex colleagues and leaders who worked closely with me…

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@Katie : So when did you got the endorsement ? very recently or a year back. Because technation has changed the criterias.

i submitted end July and got it early Aug. But having said that i had multiple documents and not only letter from immediate manager. Letter from manger was just one of the 5 pieces of evidence in the mandatory criteria