4 months old letter of recommendation ? Will there be any problem?

I have a letter of recommendation which is 4 months old as it is for my previous work history. Is there is any problem with the letter of recommendation?

not very sure about this, but preferably it is better to have a new one, they normally ask for the docs to be recently generated in any type of visa, and GTV will not be an exception

Hi, I am in the same situation. Just wanted to know how it went for you?

I don’t think it is a problem, they understand that some people take months to put their applications together. Tech Nation usually ask how long it took you to put your application together. All your recommendation lettrs can’t have the same date.

Not a problem, but if you still feel uneasy about the date of the LOR, you can always ask for PERMISSION from the individuals that wrote it, to change the date.

I had recommendation letters that were 7 months old and that was what I did.