What chance do i have as an employee hardware engineer in Audio Visual and parttime web developer with a running business digital product

Hello guys please i need input from expert. I have been emplyed for over 5 years in an IT firm but im majored in Audio Visual like Unified Video Conference solution, Control room, Video wall and Control Programming … I also do little of Surveillance and security system installation like CCTV, Access Control and IDS all with Certification to show for it… Majorly all products we used are properietary but i do most integration and made custom programming for control such as auomating the room and the system. I have some recommender already whom i have worked internationally.

I am also a web developer where we built a digital product for hospitality business and we have clients using the products as we speak but we are not registered so as to show for it. But i co owned/developed it with someone,.

Please i want to ask on how i can gather my documents and what are my chances.


@rushman003 I highly encourage you to do the following so the forum can better assist you.

  1. Read the Tech Nation Visa Guide to see if this is the right visa for you.
  2. If yes, decide whether you meet Talent vs Promise. If not, look at alternative visa options.
  3. Search YouTube and this forum for previous applicant’s endorsed/rejected stories.
  4. Draft an outline of your application and request feedback on this forum. See a good example post.