Rate my Global Talent Exceptional Promise Application

Hi there, I am looking for feedback on my Exceptional Promise application. I have 3.5 years of professional work experience as a Software Engineer (promoted to Senior Software Engineer in Jan 2022) with a supermajor energy company. I am a technical applicant from a non-technical organization. Additionally, I founded a technology startup in university (ivy-league) in the USA which received pre-seed investment funding but it dissolved when I started a full-time job after graduation.

My purpose for applying for the GTV Visa is because I’d like to work with a Net Zero energy tech company located in the UK as it aligns with a startup vision I started as well as my personal goals of contributing to the UK Net Zero economy. I have been doing voluntary work for them outside of my day job.

I have a B.S in Oil and Gas Engineering and Computer Science and MEng Management both from an US Ivy League school.

Recommendation Letters:

  • Career Mentor - Harvard MBA VC Executive who sold 2 successful startups
  • COO - Large Technology-Led Industry Initiative who often code reviews my work
  • CEO - UK Net Zero Startup I’d like to work with


  • Evidence 1: You command a high salary or other remuneration for your services, as evidenced by commercial or employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings.
    • Employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings from current company
    • Employment contracts with salary information including any bonus and equity options and history of earnings from job offer
    • Screenshot of Glassdoor Avg Salary for current job title and location in USA showing in Top 5%
    • Screenshot of UK Home Office National Statistics showing in Top 1% percentile of pre-tax income
  • Evidence 2: Outside of your normal day-to-day job role, you established, led or were a senior contributor to a large technology-led industry initiative, evidenced through reference letter(s) from global senior project executives.
    • Reference Letter from initiative Chairperson
    • Photos of initiative events with me speaking
  • Evidence 3: You have held or hold a significant expert role participating on panels, or individually, assessing the work of others in the same field or a field of specialisation related to the digital technology sector.
    • Photos of 4 panels with me speaking with audience size and link to recording
  • Evidence 4: You led the growth of a product-led digital technology company, product, or team inside a digital technology company:
    • Reference Letter from Co-Founder
    • Screenshot holding Incubator Check from Business Plan Competition
    • Screenshot of App in App Store

OC2 Advancement:

  • Evidence 5: An op-ed or news article that exemplifies thought leadership, evidence of mentorship.
    • Spotify Podcast sharing story on STEM mentorship, pivoting career into digital technology, and co-founding a tech startup
  • Evidence 6: Talks or conference speaking that have had a significant viewership. Conferences must be widely regarded as sector-leading events for your field with at least 100 attendees (not registrations).
    • Same as MC Evidence 3 with link and reference letter from conference organizer on why I was invited to speak
  • Evidence 7: Evidence of mentorship must be for activity outside the applicant’s organisation or normal course of work duties and excludes mentorship of other commercial organisations as part of a commercial arrangement.
    • Reference Letter from Code Your Future Scotland and STEM-E
    • Screenshots of Slack Channel, Zoom Meetings
    • Group photo with mentees and career development presentation backdrop

OC3 Impact:

  • Evidence 8: Letter from an employer wherever applicable.
    • Reference Letter from current supervisor showcasing quantitative and qualitative results
  • Evidence 9: Documentation on product designs or architecture diagram clearly showing your contribution.
    • Screenshot of Architecture Diagrams, Figma Designs, UX Research Presentations
  • Evidence 10: GitHub account that contains lines of code clearly showing your continuing contribution.
    • Screenshot of Azure DevOps (Company’s internal Git Repository) showcasing Global Software Developer Ranking based on builds, commits, pull requests completed/reviewed, and lines of code.
    • Screenshot of company StackOverFlow showcasing All-Time Top 15/4000+ Contributors

I also have one more key piece of evidence on winning a Hackathon prize of $500,000. However, it was on behalf of my company where myself and 2 other employees participated. Not sure where/how to incorporate this under OC3 or MC?

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Would appreciate your feedback @Francisca_Chiedu @sojo @Shreeniwas_Iyer @han @Alex_P @Farzad_Sunavala @badesemowo @zamana @herman.komashko @goonjanmall

You have a very strong application for promise. As for the fourth evidence add it to the mandatory criteria to show your won a competition as it is similar to an award. It also shows your leadership potential. All the best with your application.

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This looks good. I will just add and say, align the flow when presenting all your documents also remember to add all these to your statement. All the best.

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@techman You profile seems awesome, just package your pieces of evidence well am sure you will prevail. Including verifiable links of your evidence and screenshots in your application will also help. Best of luck.


@techman Outstanding application with evidence. Make sure you organize everything nicely for the panel. I wish you best of luck.


UPDATE: I applied for my endorsement on Feb 24th and received my endorsement response on March 7th. Thank you all so much for your help!