Visa application for dependents

Hello All,

I am looking for some documents/video or any visa guide for applying dependent visa (Spouse and Child). I do have so many questions on application starting form first page. Please help. Thanks

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I doubt anyone would share in public a video of them entering their dependents information online. That being said, one can start such an application free of charge and it’s entirely possible something might be out there.

With this forum, though, it’s best to create a single post compiling all of your questions so we could advise

@MNeverOff I agree no one put their dependent information but if someone did it using some random details (names etc) and try to fill the form. And now a days lots of people are creating Video around almost every aspect.

But anyway, can someone please help me with following questions ?

  1. Link to apply for dependent visa is this (From outside UK) -> ?

  2. Also in initial pages, we have to fill information about me (As i got endorsement and followed by details about dependents ?

The first section is titled “The person you are joining or accompanying” and starts with question about their name and information, application number, etc. It ends when the “Personal information” section starts and from there on the applicant should write about themselves and not the GT partner.

If you have submitted your visa application then use your application reference number in their application.

Ok. Thanks could you please gave an answer for following questions -

  1. First page ask about who you would join, Here i will have to fill my details as i got endorsed ?

Here i need fill dependent information ?

Yes, fill it as the instruction says.

Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu

Another question. When i am applying for my dependent and trying to do payment for IHS, getting below error. Any suggestion please.

Take your arrival day and add 5 year (or whatever the duration for the visa that you selected is) to it.

More information can be found here: Discrepancy on partner's IHS health surcharge

I think it’s best to add 5 years to the date you are applying. If you do five years to the date you apply, it will make your partner IHS cost more than yours.

Do you have the link to apply for partner and Child with in the UK?


Hi @Francisca_Chiedu and @surendradattatrey Got the link.
However, my partner is here with me in the UK as a student (primary applicant), but after completing the filling of the form, I was asked to provide Evidence showing the required maintenance funds.

Is this necessary for someone who is switching visa?

who asked for evidence?

See the screenshot from UK gov site while filling

Looks like you are using wrong link for dependent application. Hope you used this link to apply.

@surendradattatrey my partner and I are already in the UK. She is on student visa and am on dependant visa. I got endorsed and reason an moving under my visa type. I really dont know why am asked to provide such evidence.

The link you sent is for people outside UK.

This is the link i used

this is new. Where you endorsed under talent or promise?

I was endorsed under Talent @Francisca_Chiedu

this is news to me, maybe you have a wrong link. i guess they are switching visa
try this