Discrepancy on partner's IHS health surcharge

Quick question: Has anyone else who recently submitted a stage 2 GTV application with their spouse or partner noticed their spouse/partner paying quite a bit more IHS for the same visa duration? I’m thinking this must be a glitch in the system.

Details: My NHS fee was charged correctly at £3120 (current fee of £624 for a 5-year visa, sans the separate application processing fee). My partner is applying as a partner dependent on my visa for the same 5-year period. The NHS fee should have been the same, but my partner was prompted to pay £3500 for the healthcare portion - nearly £400 more. (Making the whole visa £4108 for NHS and application fees together.)

To be clear, we entered everything correctly including the expiration date of my visa. I’m thinking this must be a miscalculation, but I’m not sure it’s worth the trouble to try and get the refund. I understand no one can actually advise on this other than the Home Office, but I’d appreciate knowing anecdotally if anyone else had any similar experiences and if you there was anything you did about it? Thanks so much!

That seems accurate. As you can see from here, base fees for applicant is £152, and from here that dependents have to pay £608 for application. The difference should be about £456.

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Thanks so much for the reply, though, unfortunately, I’m only referring to the health surcharge, not the application fees. Added together, my partner paid £4108 (£3500 healthcare surcharge plus £608 application fee). The application fee was charged correctly; the healthcare surcharge was not. Appreciate you weighing in :slight_smile:

*I edited my first message to be clearer — I realize the word “fee” wasn’t very specific haha

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