Urgent - Error in the selected Sector

Hi all, I submitted my application 2 days ago and when reviewing it today I found out that I selected by mistake the wrong sector. Can this error be dangerous for my application? is there a way I can ask to correct this information?

Thanks in advance

If the sector is not far off from your actual sector, I would say to let it slide.

I’ve not seen anyone not endorsed based on the sector or specialist skill.

I would except that your personal statement and CV should already have much of those details.

You may find this helpful too: Simultaneously 2 applications at Stage 1

I wouuldn’t worry so much about this, there are times where you won’t even fibd your sector and skill on the list as the list is not exhaustive. You personalststement, CV and other evidence willl give more pointers to the assessors.

@ask4jubad @Francisca_Chiedu: Thank you both for your answers!