Simultaneously 2 applications at Stage 1

Could you please tell me if I can submit a second application for consideration while I haven’t received a response on the first one yet? I believe I significantly strengthened my case. Unfortunately, I did so after submitting the first application.

I think it’s wise to wait it out. Typical response times are within 3 - 5 weeks.

I get that you’re anxious to put in another application, but, it’s best to wait for the feedback on the first one. Chances are the assessor would spot something else in their feedback, and you might have to apply more than twice, as a result.

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I understand these arguments.
However, I have been waiting since January 31st. I had 4 edits (two of them on the same day) and the last edit was on February 13th. I am afraid of confusion after March 31st and I would very much like to submit a second application, as a stronger one, without waiting for the possibility of rejection on the first one.
I am interested in the legality of this action.

I have not seen anywhere where it is considered legal or otherwise. If you do go ahead, you’d probably be the first.

But regarding edits, you’ve only just submitted Jan 31 which is really not a long time. Besides you’ve had 4 edits, which suggests that at least your application is already under process. And regarding your fear for March 31, even if you submit another application on the last minute on the said 31st, it would still be considered as TN would be reviewing applications even after 31 March.

I think you should wait for the feedback even if you think you have strengthen your case because you may not know what will the feedback contain and it is still possible that you would miss those improvement mentioned in feedback. Have patience and wait it’s also possible that you will get endorsed. I have seen many cases where people got endorsed after 8 weeks

I asked the same question to Home Office. They told me that if you submitted the second application while your first one is under assessment, your second one will not be consideration until your first case is completely done.

Oh. I didn’t expect that reply from Home Office

I wasn’t expecting anything else. The other alternative is to withdraw or cancel the initial application

How could I cancel? Don’t see any options for this

Google and see how to withdraw your application. This is not a usual ask, you can search but home office usually have a process for withdrawing application. You can write them.

You are the first one here who applied another one before first completed
There is withdraw option

Is it looks like talent?)