Urgent: BRP Production Issue?

Hi all!

I was approved on 25/07 for stage two. 10 working days later I still hadn’t received my BRP so I contacted the Home Office via the approved channels. They informed me today that there was a technical issue with the production of my BRP. I later learned from a lawyer that apparently the company that prints the BRPs is the same that prints driver’s licences in the UK, and they have been experienced big delays.

I was due to travel next week so I cam extremely concerned. Has anyone experienced this before? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Unfortunately, you will have to wait for the BRP before leaving the UK, as you may have trouble when returning. I sincerely hope this gets resolved soonest as I am awaiting mine as well.

Thank you for your message! Are you also waiting on the BRP because of a production issue or something else?

I spoke with 2 lawyers and they explained to me that for emergencies there is a way to re-enter the UK but it entails applying for a single-entry visa which takes 3 weeks.

Additionally, last year a UK Border Police agent told me that technically speaking I didn’t need the BRP when travelling back to the UK because all the information is digitally linked to my passport. Of course, I still took it with me anyways, but I do think that’s the case.

Okay then, I advise you get accurate information before proceeding on your trip. By the way, I got mine this morning.

Do they send a message once BRP is ready? Or you just go to post office and check?

They will send an email to you once it is ready

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That depends, for me I only received an email from the delivery company today (TNT) whereas last year I got an email from the home office as well

Got email on Saturday 12th August 2023 from home office that the application was successful. Today, I got my BRP delivered.

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I am having the same issue here. I got my decision on 13 Oct and still haven’t received my BRP card yet. Hi, MissUKVisa, please could you update when did you get one finally? Thanks

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Hi @Xin ,

Are there any updates here and is it a general problem?

I have received on 25 Nov 2023

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And if there is a issue date on the BRP, is it also 25 Nov?