Collecting BRP and leaving the UK for a few months

Hi everyone,

I was endorsed and will soon apply for the stage 2.

I am outside the UK. My plan is to:
-apply for the stage 2
-enter the uk to collect my BRP
-come back to my country to continue looking for a job in the UK

I plan to travel to the uk for 5 days in December to collect my BPR.

So if I specify my intended entry date to the Uk as December 1, will the BRP be ready in a post office between 1-5 December?


They say they will send an email, so you can know when BRP ready. But best way is to ask post office directly I presume.

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My query is similar too, how long does the BRP process take?

The BRP card shall arrive in your assigned post office in 7-10 days from the date of your first intended arrival date.

However please be cautious that BRP card is having big delay. Read more here Urgent: BRP Production Issue?

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