Tradeoff between best possible application and trying to hit March 31 to be safe

In its important updates on the Tech Nation website it says:

"Tech Nation has announced that it will cease its main operations and commence business wind-down from 31st March 2023.

However, until further notice, Tech Nation will continue to accept new Global Talent endorsement applications. Therefore applicants should consider the route to be open as normal and should continue to apply."

To me this sounds like there is a chance that after March 31 Tech Nation may stop accepting new applications or the rules of the game may change with a new body. Am I right in understanding that there is a risk that things might become unfavourable after March 31?

If so, I would love to hear from the community if we should absolutely try submitting before March 31 even is that means i compromise on quality a little bit. I have just started and have now understood that if i have to submit my best application this is going to be quite challenging to submit before March 31 but can perhaps get to say 80 to 90% of my best.

Does anyone have any views on this?

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My personal suggestion, if you are in rush, have no issue with the fee, and are prepared for the Tech Nation guideline, I suggest you submit it before 31 March 2023.
Otherwise, you may need to wait or change the guideline a bit to match the new endorsing body.

However, for sure, at least UK Home Office will continue the Global Talent program.

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There are still some uncertainties.
If you are almost ready to apply, then yes … maybe fast track.

If not, then just wait and submit a powerful application. The UK Global Talent visa is going no where … atleast for now.

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There are other endorsing bodies still working as normal, so even if there’s a switch it shouldn’t stop the tech route. Best to submit a quality application when it’s ready. But a bit of pressure like this can help people to push and put their possible best to get the application submitted sooner. It happened in my case when I had to speed up my application to beat the change of guidelines date.


if you don’t have sufficient evidence best to take your time and apply. Endorsement will continue after 31st of March.


Thanks for the reply @Francisca_Chiedu! I dont think i would like to take more time to get more evidence but think that a few days more will help my present it better. Do you mean we are sure that endorsements by Tech Nation will definitely continue at least a few days after March 31. I am literally taking time off work and working on my application full time, if that is the case this would be major relief can i can submit a better application by mid April. Can you please confirm?

I have already responded to your question