My Opinion on Tech Nation Visa Shutting Down and Some Practical Advice

Hi all, I shared this to eMigr8 Community and I thought it may be helpful here too.

If you are trying to submit a UK Global Talent Visa (Tech Nation Visa) application before the impending shut down of Tech Nation, here are some practical suggestions:

  • Pay immediately for Stage 1a on the UK Gov website. You will have 15 working days or 3 weeks to submit your document.

  • Start your document submission (Stage 1b) process on Tech Nation Portal immediately. This locks you into the process on the current guideline before a possible suspension anytime from now.

  • Plan to submit your document before February 15. Tech Nation will likely stop collecting new applications towards the end of February as they will need time to process already submitted applications. (i.e subtract 28 days from the date they will shut down).

  • Ensure your personal statement ( and documentary evidence) tell your story as a leading talent in the field of technology. Think of this as your ONE SHOT (It is not really but think of it that way)

  • Plan for an endorsement review process if you are not successful. Submit documentary evidence you would need for endorsement review with the initial application. You can’t submit new evidence during endorsement review.

If you are not almost ready to apply, don’t worry the UK Global Talent Visa for Digital Technology is not going anywhere in the long run.

  • The endorsing body may change and it has happened before (Tech City became Tech Nation).

  • You should know that any new endorsing body will take a few months to get their acts together. They will also be initially more stringent as to the requirement. (Tech Nation used to have a limit of 200 people per year for example).

  • The requirement may also change. We don’t expect it to change significantly to put us in uncharted waters but there will likely be changes. (Tech Nation also made average of 2 - 3 changes a year).

  • We have eMigr8 Open Day coming up on February 15th that will speak more about this.

Note: This is not immigration nor legal advise. Simply my opinion.

@all, please add other practical advise below for those applying before and after the shut down date.


Good one @badesemowo
I’m also of the opinion that people should go all the way to ensure they send a quality application in the coming weeks. No one knows for certain what this transition will look like…eg, how long it’ll be, what the assessment rules will be, and whether it’ll be more or less favourable. The disadvantage in this rush hour is people rushing their application and turning in sth below par which increases their chances of rejection. But also an opportunity for those who turn in a really good application to shine through.


Good thread. Does anyone have any sense about how extensions will be handled? I have approx. one year left on my visa. Will I be able to extend it like normal? I initially applied for a two-year run so I haven’t been here long enough to go directly to indefinite leave to remain.

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Good thread. Will shutting down of Tech Nation affect already endorsed applicants in any way , whether being further extensions or applying for settlement ? Also can they withdraw the endorsements that have been given already, thus affecting current visa and further leave to stay ?

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I do not think it will affect those who are already endorsed.

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Hi all, Here is an update from the Tech Nation Visa Team as at 08/02

It has been confirmed by the Home Office that until further notice, Tech Nation will continue to accept new Global Talent endorsement applications. Therefore applicants should consider the route to be open as normal and should continue to apply.

All previous endorsements issued by Tech Nation remain valid. We can confirm that as a Global Talent Visa holder with Tech Nation endorsement, your status is unaffected and your visa remains valid. The Global Talent Visa will continue to offer a Digital Technology pathway, and more information regarding the new endorsing body will be provided when available.

Here is my comment on the above:

  • Happy with the update but I am cautiously optimistic as we get more updates soon.
  • Aside from the 15th deadline for submission that I mentioned, I still believe most of what I wrote above is valid.

Just an update from the webinar that was held from Tech Nation last Wednesday (Friday 15th).

People from Tech Nation wrote in the chat that:

Regarding Tech Nation ceasing operations, please visit the ‘important updates’ page for updates which is available on the Tech Nation Visa website. We do not expect there to be any disruption to applications/endorsements even beyond 31st March, but keep an eye on the site here:

There is currently not a ‘last day’ of accepting applications. We are currently processing visas beyond 31st March. If this changes then you will be notified via the Important Updates page linked.

Currently as it stands we will be processing stage 1 endorsements for the visa beyond 31st of March. But please do regularly check our important updates page incase this changes.

I interpreted this as: we’re accepting stage-1 applications until March 31st and continue processing them beyond March 31st to complete their assessment, but check regularly the important updates page because this may change at any time.


From reading this, most of the things/process can be the same to now, except that we are unsure who will be the next endorsing body, which could be announced soon.