Switching from Tier 4 student visa to Global Talent visa

So, if I am on a Tier 4 student visa (because of my PhD study) can I apply for Stage 2 of Global Talent visa from within the UK or do I need to go back to my home country to apply for Stage 2?


Yes you can apply from the UK


@Mary_Godservant Thank you for your reply on this. :slight_smile:


hi @somdipdey! Congrats on your endorsement. A quick question: I am also a full-time PhD Student in UK (Tier4 visa), most likely completing my degree in November. Do I have to wait until I finish the degree to be able to apply for the Global Talent Visa (Stage2)?


@JBT Thank you for your kind words. I would suggest that don’t wait till you complete your PhD. If you can show all the evidences for endorsement correctly already then just apply as soon as possible. I also applied for the GT visa before I completed my viva.

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@somdipdey Congrats…Is it right if you are fully funded phd student on Tier-4, you can apply for GTV stage 2?

if you are in the UK and funded or have scholarship, they will need letter from you scholarship body. I am not sure if this question in stage 1 or 2 (I cant remember) however, i know once you confirm this in your application, they will need a letter in addition to your other evidences (Ex, PAssport ) for Stage 2,

@Maya Thank you for responding. My question is a little bit different…

Let say, one has scholarship for the PhD in the UK but not finished yet (in between). Is there any option to apply directly for stage 2?

My second question - not related to the previous one.
If one passed PhD viva (PhD from UK) and and got the job offer in the UK. What are the chances?


For Global Talent you have to apply for Stage 1 unless you have an award that is recognised by Home Office.

once you have your endorsement, you can apply for stage 2 from the UK or outside. If you are in the UK you cannot apply if you are under specific visa type such as visit.

for more information refer to global talent visa in gov.uk website.


@Maya actually what my understanding was from @somdipdey post that he got during his PhD. Is it?

Also, do you have any idea what are the chances for success if you are already in the UK on an eligible visa for GTV (switching)? Any data and past experiences etc.

Hello @Intelligent_Eyes

If you are applying inside the UK to switch your visa. you will definitely be under another route to switch, not everyone in the UK can apply from the inside unless they are under specific Visas. the list of eligible routes are available in global talent gov.uk webpage. apologies i am not able to screenshot as the link does not open for me.

in regards with chances for success if you are already in the UK are just similar to the ones if you are outside. Applying within the UK will not increase your chances or effect the outcome.

if you are eligible and submitted all required evidences and your endorsement application is successful then you will be able to proceed for applying for the visa.

the only difference that might occur if you are in the UK, is timeframe that can be longer for visa process and if your existing visa expired then your right to live and work in the UK will extend until you receive the final outcome.

hope this helps and please refer to the gov.uk website and read about the visa eligibility for more details.


@Intelligent_Eyes Thank you for your kind words. I was funded as a PhD student since 2018-2021 (3 years) but then in my final writing/viva year (means this year) I am not funded and was paying for the minimal tuition fee from my job as a Lecturer in the University.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are fully funded or not funded in your PhD. If you get the Stage 1 GT endorsement then you can use that endorsement to apply for GT Stage 2 visa without an issue.

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@Maya Thank you for the useful information.

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@somdipdey Really thankful for the information I was looking for.

Do you have any idea how much time they are taking currently while applying within the UK?

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@Intelligent_Eyes I submitted my Stage 2 GT visa application on 19th July and provided my biometric through appointment on 28th July. I got the decision email on my application on 18th August. But keep in mind that I got my local MP and Head of International team of my University involved because of the issues mentioned in the original post. So, I am not sure whether that did affect the timeline of the application or not.

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@somdipdey congrats on your successful visa. Were you endorsed under exceptional talent because I could see that your visa is just showing 3 years.


Hi @alex_james Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I was endorsed as Exceptional Talent and got my visa for 3 years.


Do you mind sharing you application document, advices and what is your background please?

Thank you

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@Kewping I will very soon post about my Stage 1 application here. Stay tuned.

@somdipdey I did my biometric 11th of August with priority services inside UK still waiting for a response can you please help me what I do?