Support request to review my application (Talent, Business)

Hi Everyone,

It is great to see the support everyone gives each other here. I seek your advice to review my GTV (Business) application, and I look forward to getting feedback from the community.


I am a technology sales professional with over 14 years of experience, the last 8 of which have been with some of the most reputable companies in the HR Tech space. The last four years have been in edtech, where my contribution to companies and society, in general, has made a strong impact. This is where I can support individuals, companies, and society in the UK. In APAC, I’ve supported companies in developed and developing countries to future-proof their workforce by upskilling and keeping their business ahead.

I’m including an article from IPPR that mentions that up to 8 million UK jobs are at risk from AI, and the reason why my role is relevant to supporting the digital economy is that employer investment in skills declined by 19% per employee, with sharper declines in larger businesses (-35%). This makes my role essential for organisations to invest in employee skills.

Recommendation letters:

  • One is from my company president, who recently left the organisation.
  • One is from my current senior director for customer success, who has seen firsthand the success of my projects.
  • My ex-manager, currently the GM for APAC in one of the hottest tech companies globally.
  • Optional: The Academy Head of one of my customers, who, through collaboration, was awarded the fourth-best learning company in a country with a population of 100M+.


Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Screenshot of the dashboard where I’m the top sales globally in the company.
  2. High remuneration through salary slips and an increase in salary and equity due to my contributions.
  3. Letter of increased reward due to my contribution.

OC 1: Impact on my Customers

  1. Case study of a customer in the high-tech industry on how helping to create a culture of learning has impacted the upskilling of machine learning across the organisation.
  2. Helping one of the largest banks in the APAC region to develop a long-term strategy and upskilling efforts so their employees can be ready for future roles that will keep the individuals and the bank relevant. They mentioned their name in our earnings calls three months into the programme.
  3. A non-tech company that was able to build a culture of learning to transform the organisation. Due to this, they won an award for learning and development, and I have a screenshot of an email from the customer thanking me for making it possible.

OC 2: Thought Leadership

  1. Keynote speaker at a conference of HR professionals, speaking about digital transformation and its impact on shifting to a skills-based approach.
  2. YouTube video of me speaking at a partnership between academia and the private sector in a country to uplift the skills of a nation.
  3. Video of me presenting in front of 1,000 learners in Japanese during COVID-19 to explain the different trends between countries on how certain dependencies impact what learners need upskilling.

I look forward to receiving your review and feedback on whether my profile has an opportunity of being endorsed.

Many thanks in advance!

I reckon your OC1 is more suited for OC3. For that OC, it seems like you did these things within your job, so if that’s not the case, make sure to highlight it.

I don’t see much innovation in your OC1 if I’m honest, which is why I reckon it’s better for OC3 if you formulate it right.

In addition to the above feedback:

  • You have done technology sales but your evidences of MC and OC1 are not strong enough and do not demonstrate that expertise and it’s contribution (or you haven’t mentioned it clearly here)

  • Can you include stories of how your sales contribution increased revenue of the HR tech companies you have worked with? Competition, growth, maybe new market expansion etc?

Thank you @Katrina_Sukhanova. Your feedback makes complete sense.

As you mentioned, I have done these things in my job, and continuing in this industry will help me make a large impact on employers and their employees. Do you think this is acceptable, or would they prefer I do it outside my job?

Your MC does not sufficiently show how you have been recognized as a leader in your field through your innovative ideas. A screenshot of the dashboard where it shows you are the top sales globally in your company does not sufficiently suffice.

Evidence Number 2 and 3 are too similar and may be regarded as one.

Lastly, work on the arrangement of the piece of evidence gathered so far to avoid a mismatch of evidence and criteria as it can clearly seen from what you posted, and go through the Tech Nation guidelines properly.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. Yes, I have several client case studies. Do you recommend to include these as part of MC or separately, as part of OC1?

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Thanks, I’m a bit struggling with this as MC has the same evidence points as a few optional criterias.

Hi @May, @pahuja, @Katrina_Sukhanova, thank you for your valuable input. I have revised the evidence to include in this new thread. Please help to review my application (Talent, Business)

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