Stage 2 waiting times

Hi. I’ve completed my biometric and am just waiting for the visa to (hopefully!) be issued.

As I’m outside the UK, the guidance was for a maximum 3 weeks wait, but I heard visa processing is being delayed by the Ukraine war.

Does anyone know if the delay applies to the Global Talent Visa processing times as well?

Thanks for the help

I got my visa in 2 weeks and received it last Friday.

Just wondering which country you applied from?

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I am wondering about the same. I applied from the US. It has been only 4 working days though (since UKVI received my application).
@JS1 How long have you been waiting? And from which country did you apply?

I applied in Georgia, and happily I have just received my email to pick up my passport.

So, 2 weeks and 4 days after the biometric I should have my passport back.

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South Africa… I must say that the TLS contact centre here had no queues literally. The entire thing took tops 15 minutes from check in to biometrics.

Almost 2 weeks now (after biometrics) and still waiting for a decision. Has anyone recently applied from the US?

I have been waiting for over a month now, my biometrics was on Feb 24.

@Fareed_Rezaei I read some of your previous posts. Do you know if a decision on your application has been made by now, or is it still waiting for a decision?

The application is still waiting a decision, but I’m sure that is a mistake by UKVI. Because my BRP was already delivered a month ago. Also my dependants received their visas. It doesn’t make sense that my BRP is issued and my application is not processed yet. I’ve been calling UKVI regularly and no one seems to have a proper response other than “u need to wait for a decision”

Has anyone applied from India recently? I submitted biometrics on 18th March and awaiting decision

I’ve also applied from Georgia on th 25th of March, will post here once I get my passport back

I just received the email to collect my passport. I had applied on the 18th of March. So 2 weeks 3 days

Congrats! Where did you apply from?

I applied from India

Hi! Could you please tell me what you have provided for “Evidence that you have permission to be in the country you are applying from” since Georgia has a visa-free regime with many countries? I am also applying from Georgia soon.

I’ve sent an email to the Home office on this topic. And they answered that in that case a photo of the stamp in the passport is enough (one you’ve got while passing though the customs)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Any updates on the waiting times for the second stage? I’ve applied on the 25th of March and still waiting

How did they notify you that your BRP is ready? Did you receive an email from the Home Office?