Stage 1 waiting times?

On your application click the “Preview” button and look at the “Last edited” date. The mistake that many make is to look at the “Activity” feed, which will only show your own edits to the application before submission, and not the edits of the reviewer.

Super helpful. Thank you.

is there a place to check the result which isn’t email? i haven’t had any “edits” since the 2nd of April and I am wondering if I had an email that got deleted / they forgot to email

You can email the GTV endorsement team for an update.

Hi All, is there anyone who recently received a decision ? Trying to get my head around the timeline.

I assume because of easter break.

the GTV people told me that they haven’t heard anything from TechNation yet; so I shall wait

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I got endorsed!

Applied - 25th March, 19.00 GMT
First Edit - 26th March Afternoon
Second Edit - 30th March (Saturday) Afternoon
Third Edit - 2nd April Afternoon
Fourth Edit - 16th April Morning 10.17 am

Endorsement received 16th April


Congratulations! I received first edit around 9:45 today :sweat_smile:, applied on April 14.

Applied: 14th April
First Edit: 16th April
Second & Third Edit: 17th April

I stopped receiving edits. Just wondering whether anyone reviewed endorsement/edits ? Anxious process.

I am in a similar situation and have not received any edits since the below timeline.

  • First edit 9 April 2024 at 10:37 (EDT)
  • Second edit 10 Apr 2024 06:36 (EDT)
  • Third edit 11 Apr 2024 16:09 (EDT)
  • 17 April Emailed UK home office to check in on application and they confirmed Tech Nation has until May 10th to provide a decision.

Hi - did you receive your endorsement or an edit ?

I’d love some advice.

  • Application submitted 6 April 2024
  • First Edit 8 April 2024

There has been no movement since (today is the 25th). I am at risk of losing a job offer from a company who is not able to sponsor, and I have no idea how I can give Technation a nudge, as it seems like my timelines look quite different to others on this forum. The home office simply says I need to wait up to 8 weeks, and there’s nothing they can do from their side.

You have to be patient and wait. Truthfully, there is nothing the Home Office or anyone will be able to do to nudge Tech Nation.

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If this helps anyone. I received 4th Edit on Sunday 20:20 28th April.

@reachusama Did you receive endorsement yet?

Applied: 14th April
First Edit: 16th April
Second & Third Edit: 17th April
Fourth Edit: 28th April
Fifth Edit: 30th April
Endorsed: 1st May

Best of luck to everyone applying.


Congratulations. Can you share your list of evidence and expert area?

I got 4 edits between 26th and 30th April. But no decision so far.

Is it normal to get so many edits within the first week?