Stage 1 waiting times?

This tip really helped. I followed your advice and I just received my endorsement email. Thank you.
Applied on March 11
First & Second Edit March 12
Endorsed March 13

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@Chichi , I am glad my advise worked for you !

Please do share the details if possible. I do not potentially need to apply again because I am pursuing academic and research route, but it might help others or myself in future.


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@reachusama I wish you all the best.
You can find my application details here, although I made some tweaks before I applied - Application and Appeal for EP Rejected. Making A New Application, Please Give your Honest Review/Feedback - #3 by Amara_O

It should take about 8 weeks from inside the UK

Recently any one got endorsed?

Applied: 18 March
First edit: 23 March
Second edit: 27 March
Endorsed: 28 March

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Hi There - I applied about a week after you. Did it also show your evidence as not having a green checkmark next to it even though you submitted evidence? I emailed them about it but I did not hear back. I also haven’t had any edits so wondering if something is off?

You may get a response after the bank holiday


Applied: 21 March
First edit: 22 March
Second edit: 2 April
Endorsed: 3 April

I have one doubt rejection will take more time. Most of the people getting endorsement in one or two weeks. If it is more than 2 weeks means they will reject is it true?

How does the length of response determine that an application will be successful. What is important is the quality of application not the lengthy of time, did you submit strong evidence to show you meet the eligibility criteria? Did you follow the guide for recommendation letters? If you put in an outstanding application then go to sleep knowing you will most likely get endorsed.

Applied - 25th of March
First Edit - 26th of March
Second Edit - 30th of March (Saturday)
Third Edit - 2nd of April

I am waiting. Fairly anxious about this! Having the same doubt as Krish, based on niks250186 timeline I have 4 more days.

Edited: To remove listing what I submitted to keep my post in line with the rest of the posts on this thread.

You only applied a week ago. I am not sure how listing what you have submitted now will help when you are already anxious. Just stay positive. It is either you get endorsed or it is not endorsed and there’s always the option to ask for a review or reapply. Good luck.

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You are right Francisca, I will stay positive and away from re-checking edits. Will try to wait a week before checking again.

Will create a separate thread if I want a review for appeal or reapply. Thank you.

Hi Francisca,

Do you know any consultancy . Who can guide

Would love to know which lawyer you worked with as well?

Have you received your endorsement now?

How do you know when there’s an edit on your application?

No they have been silent since the 2nd of April. No edits since.

can you share your timeline - submission date, edits etc?