Stage 1 waiting times?

I applied under business as a Product Manager

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How long did it take you to get a decision after your appeal?

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone recently received a response regarding their endorsement application? I applied under the “Exceptional Promise” category in AI & ML on February 7, 2024, and am eagerly awaiting a decision.

Additionally, could someone kindly explain what an “edit” refers to in this context, and how I can determine if I have received one?

Thank you.

Hi All,

Please need your guidance for applying GTV.

I have around 20 years of IT experience. Worked in various technologies. Published some articles also conducted training sessions in universities snd software companies.

Please let me know shall i get GTV…

Currently i am in UK under global mobility visa.

New update from my application:

Got got my endorsement yesterday (Designer path).

Submitted: 19 Dec 2023
At least 6 edits (not really sure because the waiting time is too long, so after the week 6, I gave up refreshing every day and started focusing on things that make me less anxious Lol )

At the end of the week 8, I had not received any news, so I sent them an email to inquire about the progress, and the answer I received was that my letter had been sent out on the 13th.

This forum was really helpful, thanks for everyone :slight_smile:


Congrats !
Can you please help me understand what’s an edit ? And did you apply as talent or promise ?

Hi, the Edit mean if you check your application, and click Preview, you can see your Last edited time. Which means people from Tech nation are working on your case.

I apply as talent.

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Ah Ok. Thank you so much for your guidance. I was thinking of this to be something entirely different. BTW I just received an edit today. I am as anxious as one can get.

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Applied 8th Feb
First Edit 8th Feb
Second Edit 9th Feb
Third Edit 18th Feb
Fourth Edit 19th Feb (Rejection)

Applied 7th Feb
I only saw edit on 21 (twice), 22 Feb
Rejection 23rd Feb

Hi @igortsk

I did not see your message and I appealed already - and got the rejection again. Thanks so much for the kind offer.
In any case, I had to leave the UK in a rush and think my employers will let me go soon. I will go back to my home country and try for another visa path and apply for jobs that are more likely to sponsor.

My appeal was quite neutral but firm. I asked Tech Nation to consider the social justice aspect of the projects and technology - not only the sales.

The feedback was that my panel speaking spots were not prestigious enough, my income not high enough, my company not making enough traction, my volunteer work was “passable” - they approved with hesitancy. They said the type of blockchain & web3 tech projects I worked on were not novel or innovative enough.

In any case, I think I need to work in different roles or different companies to be approved at this point.

Hi Amara,

I will see if I have enough to apply in this ARTS path? TBH despite working on big projects in cinema, I was not head of department on those films. I worked 15 years in film so I can’t apply for “promise”. I don’t think I can apply for talent, as my roles were not high enough.

Unless I apply for ‘promise’ in the music sector as a A&R for music tech? Which is totally in scope of some of my tasks. The role is A&R / Bus Dev/ Product Owner - but within the music industry.

My application was also rejected and I appealed and got a rejection. I’m now wondering what they are looking for because I believe that my application was really strong and it was EP.

I am not an expert but based on their feedback and my experience. They are just looking for visible authentic evidence and facts. They do not read any text and just want to see how you justify the criteria set forth.

Be concise and targeted. Add pics and facts.

Also, they do not accept consultancy/freelance work at all. Even though I have developed and led multiple products. They accepted significance but rejected bcz of freelance associated.

Last, they do not read letters, but they will see whether they are authentic, i.e from individuals in which company etc. They want visible evidence.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

What was your story Chichi?

You could potentially get endorsed for art, don’t think too much about the level of your role. Fir art and culture you could get a letter that gives you credit for a work that got and award. First think of the evidence you have to meet the evidence. Importantly you need one UK letter

I tagged you on my thread

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Applied 26 Feb
First Edit 27 Feb
Second && Third Edit 7 Mar
Endorsed 7 Mar

Applied under the “Exceptional Talent” category.

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Congratulations. What are the evidence/ documents submitted.


  • Payrolls with high salary from Company A and Company B
  • Conference 1 and Meetup 1 (with letters from organizers)
  • Conference 2 (+ letter)
  • Public Profile Clipping (articles, github, etc)


  • List of my innovations in Company A
  • Detailed description of Project A in Company A
  • RSU Grant in Company A
  • Ref letter from Executive 1 of Company A


  • Contributions to Projects B and C in Company A
  • Performance review results in Company A

Recomendation Letters:

  • Letter from Executive 2 of Company A
  • Letter from Executive 3 of Company A
  • Letter from one IT entrepreneur who is in no way connected with Company A
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