Stage 1 waiting times?

Nope. You have to check every day and keep track of the edits. Wishing you a favorable outcome.


I got a refusal mail yesterday.
None of the criteria was met, I am thinking of appealing because optional criteria were wrongly judged but I need advice regarding the mandatory evidence.
Although my awards (Especially the CEO Award) were a big deal to me with a lot of comments on LinkedIn about how the application I built that led to winning this award has helped them. My awards were not accepted because they are not national or international awards. The award is simply Employee of the Year from an international organization with over 7000 employees and the publication for the award stated that the award was due to the application I developed.
@Francisca_Chiedu @moorjaniajay @Gbemiga_Adelola Do you think I could have any point to counter the MC1 feedback? or it looks like a dead-end?

Below is the full comment on MC1
"Google Drive links leading to evidence external to the submitted application was not considered applicable.
For MC1, while admired and deeply respected, the Excellence of Service and CEO Award from *** represents internal company recognition vs. national or international recognition as an emerging talent in tech. The Knowledge and Skills Forum evidence consists of self-authored assertions with a spreadsheet and WhatsApp screenshot, none of which demonstrate how the applicant achieved national or international recognition as an emerging talent in digital tech in the past 5 years. None of the applicant’s letters nor their self-published medium blog demonstrates how they achieved national or international recognition as an emerging talent in digital tech in the past 5 years. Compensation alone is not sufficient to meet this criteria. MC1 is not met."

It is is vry clear in the guide that internal company award do not meet this criterion. Based on the feedback most of your feedback were self authored and from external link, i think your application was not properly put together and you didn’t follow the tech nation guide.

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I think Francisca has put it rightly. Internal awards do not suffice.

I know many applicants tend to attach importance to a lot of achievements, but the big question is ‘do your evidences clearly align with what the tech nation guide stipulates?’ Was the award the only evidence for MC? Maybe a few insights into what evidences you used for your application will help provide some support.

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Lately I see many people getting answers to Stage 1 application in 1-2 weeks. I am wondering if there is a general speeding up on Tech Nation 's side.

Anyways, I am currently waiting for a reply for my Stage 1 application. I am a bit nervous about it :slightly_smiling_face:

I applied on August 26.
I got 2 edits on August 29.

Lets see what happens next…

Looks like a dead end unfortunately. Probably better to not waste their time with a review.

Internal company awards are meaningless especially in a small non fortune 500 company without international pull.

Sharing my journey:

Submission: Aug 11
Edits: Aug 13, 14 ,15
Reject: Aug 16
Appeal: Sep 3
Edits: Sep 4, 5
Endorsed: Sep 6

It seems like process is faster than ever, wish best of luck to all applicants.


Congratulations! All the best with stage 2

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May I ask what are these edit 1, edit 2?

Do they ask you to edit your application or you updated it while waiting for them?

Tech Nation seems to be running for some missing flight.

Kindly suggest some good lawyer to appeal.

Edit means somebody is checking your application. As far as I know it’s not possible to edit your application once you submit it, even when you are appealing you could just refer to current evidences.

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Here is my timeline:

26 August: I submitted my application
29 August: 2 edits
12 September: 2 edits
13 September: Endorsement

Good luck everyone!


heartiest congratulations to you… just a quick question, the people apply from outside UK for them waiting time is 8 weeks or 3 weeks?

hello @Francisca_Chiedu Thanks for helping us. May i know if we submit application through an agency, in that case do we see edits?

Wait time is eight weeks

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no. you can only see it if you applied uploaded your document on tech nation application form yourself.


Has anyone applied recently? What’s the timeline looking like? I applied last week Friday. Got my first edit on Saturday. (next day)

Where do you see the “edit”?

Is it on TechNation → Application → Activity page?

Yes. Go to your application > click preview> you’d see “last edited (date/time)”

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