Self employed on UPWORK. Can I apply?

I want to ask for A friend who is a Top rated plus mobile application developer on UPWORK. With 100% job success rate.

He has been continuously contributing in 36 long and short term projects in the past 7 years; which had strong innovative impact in digital tech industry.

He has letters of recommendations and other evidences(contracts, Git commits, Emails, Salary evidence) of his work for mandatory and optional criteria.

  • Is he eligible for applying in tech nation visa?

  • Can mandatory criteria be fulfilled if we give his top rated plus profile on UPWORK which has all the details, client testimonials, ratings etc on live profile as evidence?

  • Is there any self employed independent contractor who got accepted?

Profile link:

@Francisca_Chiedu @Shreeniwas_Iyer

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If you read the guide, tech nation looks at work within a product-led digital technology company. Outsourcing or consulting roles are not suitable.

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He doesn’t work as an
outsource for companies nor he provides consultancy. Rather they hire him in there team for long term projects for their software development and maintaince. Can we use his independent profile as our main mandatory evidence?

@Tayyaba, is @Nauman_Qaiser your friend: Please Rate My General Profile for Stage1 (Advice Required)

Is this his primary source of revenue?

His technical background looks strong. He is a technical applicant and works with technology organisations directly. He is self-employed, not an employee of an outsourcing company, nor doing the projects for outsourcing/consulting companies.
Therefore, I believe he is eligible.

He has to choose the most extensive and prolonged projects completed for technology companies with his most significant contributions and innovations (If he decides to support OC1 and OC3 criteria, for example) and complete the application from a project-based perspective and according to the Tech Nation Guide.

Especially pay attention to Letters of Recommendations (product-driven tech companies), CV (project-based resume) and Personal Statement (plans in the UK, why you can’t keep freelancing outside the UK).

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Thanks @Savvkin for your detailed response. Yes he is my friend and husband too :yum: His upwork is his primary source of revenue.

We are currently working on our application. Will appreciate help in it for future too.
Many thanks

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@Tayyaba @Nauman_Qaiser I have a pretty similar experience as Top rated plus mobile app developer on Upwork.
Did you try to apply for the Global Talent Visa?
If yes what is the result?