Please Rate My General Profile for Stage1 (Advice Required)

Please Rate my Profile
I am writing it as a story as I am at early stages to evaluate if I can be a strong candidate for GTV, Please help me evaluate :slight_smile:

I am Self Employed because I have passion to be Location independent, working on Upwork Global Inc ( Globally biggest Freelance Platform) for 7+ years, I am a “Top Rated Plus” (Top 3% of Entire Talent on Upwork)* with 100% Job success Rate as a Senior Mobile Application Developer. I have experience working on many contracts where I worked in the latest, cutting edge technologies.

One of the latest Contract I am working with is a UK based company where I am a contractor working as a Senior Mobile Application Developer (Android), company is working on Innovative solutions to improve satellite navigation systems, like GPS and Galileo. I have an active role in starting this project with them and they also got some good reviews from “Smart Grant UK”.

Another current contract I am working on is for a courier company in Toronto Canada working on a Mobile application for them to smartly deliver packages.
Can arrange 3 Recommendation letters from CEOs or executives which are my Contractors.

In Last 7 years I have worked on many such products and can arrange letters for them.

More then that my Public Upwork profile represents that I am Globally recognized, solution oriented talent (With TOP Rated Plus Badge on Upwork and part of Talent Scout program who work with High valued clients most of them from fortune 500) who has worked with many product led digital technology companies consulting, designing and developing products for them in latest cutting edge technologies.
I have 5 star ratings, great testimonials and 100% Job success score from my contractors on my public profile.

Being a student in 2014 I developed Mobile application which at that time solved a problem and got 66K downloads at that time. Afterward it was sued for some reasons.
Afterword’s launched almost 7,8 mobile applications with a cofounder, Provided internship opportunities etc at that time.
Have evidence from my Google Play store as screenshots etc. As well can arrange a letter from my cofounder who is now Working in BMW as a Principle Engineer.

Being Part of many tech related groups from 2014 helping people in tech. Admin of 2 groups. Generated internship opportunities for people mentoring some in ecommerce skills also paid stipend to the promising ones etc. Have evidence of all these active groups my posts engagements on facebook.

Mentored people in freelancing as an Upworker reviewed there profile actively posted tips and tricks in public groups to help the community.

Have my own few Public repositories on bitbucket, not contributions to others public repositories but my own which people can use in there products etc.

There is much more to me.

Please suggest if this seems a strong background to go for GTV?

Also please suggest about evidences for example screenshots of my public posts helping the community or in my facebook groups where I mentored a group of people works ?

Email screenshots for recognition,
Testimonials from Global tech companies on my public profile etc?

Looking Forward to hear from the Alumni’s