Ready to Apply, or not?

Hello everyone, I think I’m ready to start my stage 1 application, though I have been battling imposter syndrome, wondering if I am qualified enough.

I am applying for exceptional promise and here are my evidences and others documents, kindly review and share your thoughts.

  1. My updated CV showing me as the co-founder and CTO of a pharmaceutical company which has an E-commerce Website and an online platform for people living with Chronic illnesses
    It also shows that I am the founder of a registered nonprofit organization that teaches women and girls digital skills.

  2. My personal statement tells the story of how I started designing websites because I couldn’t afford to pay someone to design a website for my business, and how I now combine freelancing with being the co-founder and CTO of the Pharmatech company as well as the founder of the NGO.
    I talked about my role as a mentor in digital marketing for several well structured mentoring programs including one initiated by the wife of a former PM of the UK.
    I concluded by stating the region I’d like to live in, why I want to live in the UK and what my contributions will be to the UK digital technology sector (I focused mainly on training and mentoring to ensure increased diversity and inclusion in the sector)

  3. 3 LOR
    a. From the Founder of an online marketplace with offices in multiple countries in Africa, co-founder of a digital education management business that specializes in bespoke curriculum design, curriculum management, and education management platform for higher learners, he was also the VP of one of the most popular online marketplaces in Africa. He spoke about my work, awards, work outside my day to day activities as the head of the digital media department of my church which he also attends

B. From the Founder of a
multiple award winning Medtech platform in Nigeria that makes diagnosing diseases easy for physicians and accessible to patients online. She spoke about meeting me through my co founder who is also a pharmacist, and how I was instrumental in a project where we collaborated to train 200 women in digital skills. I, through my non profit taught 50 of the women website design and the project was featured in a Forbes women article which I included in one of my references

c. From the Head of Research of a well known Tech hub with branches in multiple African countries. He is also a 2 time TEDx speaker on topics related to digital technology. He weote about how we met as speakers on a panel speaking about the advantages of digital technology for business owners at a program organized by the local Google WomenWill chapter in the city where I reside and how he has followed my work as a web designer, and digital skills trainer. He also wrote about about me being mentioned as a leading woman in tech by two leading online tech publications in Africa and Nigeria.

Evidences. I have 5 Mandatory criteria evidences and 5 optional criteria evidences making 10 in all

In March 2018, I was selected (and trained) as part of the training partners for the UNIDO HP LIFE global entrepreneurship and IT training program. Also showing with flyers and pictures, trainings we have organized which I facilitated.
I added my certificate, screenshot of a page on the website of UNIDO (United Nations Industrial development organization), talking about the project and how only the best are selected and awarded grants for the program.

Evidence showing that I led the growth of a nonprofit organization focused on the digital technology sector. I put newspaper clippings and email notification for an award I received as the ED of my nonprofit: " Top 50 women on developing in Africa 2022.

Links and screenshots of recognition received from TechCabal and Tech City NG as a leading woman in tech Nigeria who is helping more women and girls get into tech

I put a picture of the registration documents showing me as a member of the board of my NGO, screenshots and links to our website showing how we work in the digital technology sector, and evidence of being nominated for the ELOY woman of the year award for the work I do in my nonprofit organization

Evidence showing me teaching women website design as part of an initiative to get more women in tech.
I also included screenshots of a Forbes women article talking about the initiative and how my nonprofit organization was involved

I chose to go with OC1 and OC3

Evidence 1
Registration documents showing me as co-founder of the Pharma Company with 45% shares

Evidence 2
Screenshots of the frontend of the web platform which is an E-commerce website and a community platform
Screenshots of the backend of the platform showing me as an administrator and another screenshot showing product traction and revenue.

Evidence 1
Evidence of speak at Social media week 2018 showing screenshots and links to my Speaker sched, flyers for the program and newspaper articles on how SMW Lagos is the largest tech event in West African.

Evidence 2
Flyers and pictures showing me as a speaker and panelist at Google business Group GBG events, and screenshots of a Wikipedia article about GBG.
I also have a letter of recommendation from the local chapter lead of GBG, stating how I was invited to speak and have since become a mentor to business owners in the digital technology sector.

Evidence 3.
I basically just did a mashup here :see_no_evil:
Certificates of different certifications I have in digital technology, screenshots of email notifications and certificates of appreciation for mentoring programs that I’ve been a part of and also links to my online courses, ebooks and webinars in digital marketing.

I really fought my doubts to do this and I hope and pray it’s enough for an endorsement.

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Hello… The evidence 3 (Oc 2) was put under which criteria? I mean the mash up document for all your certificates

Optional criteria 3 for impact