Endorsement received for Promise

Hello everyone. Happy to announce that I received my endorsement for exceptional promise this morning.(Sunday!!?)

Submitted 10/09. 1:48 WAT
First edit 20/09. 8:49 WAT
Second edit 30 Sep 2022. 22:50 WAT
Third edit 1 Oct 2022 12:59 WAT
Endorsed 2 October 2022 9:15 WAT

I applied as a technical applicant. WordPress website designer, CTO of a health tech and founder of a tech nonprofit. My documents are here: Ready to Apply, or not?

I added a letter from my cofounder to OC3


congratulations. What is the date on your endorsement letter?

Thank you.

02 October 2022

I believe it’s my miracle

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interesting. Looks like HO is working round the clock.

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Looks like tech nation assessors don’t sleep. Lol. No wonder some applications are being edited on Sundays :grin:. Very serious stuff

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congratulation @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe

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Amazing! Congratulations @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe

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Congratulations @Olubunmi_Fajuyigbe

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Congratulations on your endorsement

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Thank you so much everyone. And all the best to everyone in waiting