Please review my Exceptional Promise (Business) Profile

Hello! I applied for an endorsement earlier this year which was rejected (see post here) and I am making plans to re-apply in the next 2 months. I am sharing my planned evidence here and would if you can help review my application and share honest feedback and thoughts.

I have ~ 3 years of experience in marketing, sales and business development and I’ve worked in 2 product led companies - Company A is logisticstech and company B is event tech.

Letter of recommendation:

  1. CEO of Company B which is my current company
  2. A former colleague and team lead at Company B
  3. A CEO of another tech company and well known in the tech industry.

The three letters will speak on how they know me, my work and impact and why I should be endorsed. They’ve all known me for more than 12 months as well.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Spotlights: 3 different spotlights/media about me and my work/journey in sales
  2. A document showing my sales pipeline in Company B and the value of various leads over time. This will be signed by a senior member of the company (like head of business or head of finance). - Do I need to add a letter from the senior member as well?
  3. A reference letter from a leading profile in tech and business development.
  4. I was a panelist at an event about using tech to grow your event business. It had over 100 attendees physically and I have the letter of invitation as well as proof of being at the event and speaking on the panel. However, even though I got invited to speak over 5 months ago, the event just happened and my planned application would be about 1 month from the event .(I am not sure if this counts and I can use it as an evidence, your advice would be very helpful here)

Optional Criteria 2

  1. Evidence of marketing mentorship on ADPLIST and also on another structured community mentorship for marketing professionals.
  2. Evidence of mentorship (business development) for another structured community empowering women in tech .
  3. Letter of recommendation from both communities speaking to my mentorship and from 1 of my mentees on ADPList

Optional Criteria 3

  1. A document detailing my impact at Company A including internal feedback
  2. A document detailing my impact at Company B including internal feedback.

Please let me know your thoughts and how I can further strengthen my application, thank you @Francisca_Chiedu @alexnk @May

Welcome back to re-apply. Hope this will be a better application for you this time. Here are my comments:

LOR: #2 You don’t need to include “former colleague” as it may not give you positive value, on the other hand it may make this LOR weaker.


  • MC1: How significant are these media in digital tech? You may need to prove that you are exceptional to your colleagues in a similar role.
  • MC2: if it is signed, it is more legit. So include it in the evidence at some point.
  • MC3: alright
  • MC4: Your question here really depends on your consistency, which include your OC2 unpaid mentorship as well. If you have been speaking at more than 1 of this event, it may help as it may make your contribution more consistent. If it is very recent, ie 1-month before the application was submitted, it may not be counted. Also check the requirement of the popularity of the Digitech event as well, to not underestimate Tech Nation.

OC2: These could be good. But dont just expect 1 mentorship as 1 strong evidence though. This will need to be consistently helping to grow digital tech sector and community. Also Include the fact of event background, co-mentorship profile, unpaid event, and so on.

OC3: Show the quantitative data, figures, and tables. Also don’t forget to include the evidence to show your involvement and responsibility to the successive impact contribution.

I hope this helps @asaiy

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Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback so far. Here’s my new version factoring your feedback:


  1. CEO of company B which is my current company
  2. A CEO of another tech company
  3. A well known senior business developer in the tech industry.


  1. Spotlights: 3 different spotlights/media about me and my work/journey in sales. The media all highlight tech people.
  2. A document showing all my closed accounts over time and their respective revenue contribution. This will be signed by the head of ops along with a reference letter
  3. Evidence of being a panelist at a prominent event in the events sector (This panel was about how to leverage tech to grow your event business). I’ll also add pictures from me on the main stage, invitation letter and I’ll try to get a reference letter as well which would mention how many people attended the event (It was over 100)
  4. I was nominated for an award by a prominent tech community (although I didn’t win, I think it’s worth adding)

OC 2:

  1. Evidence of marketing mentorship on ADPLIST and also on another structured community mentorship empowering women in tech (for business development)
  2. Evidence of mentorship (product marketing) for another structured community empowering including a reference letter from community
  3. Evidence of free resource I created for people looking to get started in tech. Has over 100 downloads.


  1. Employment contract and internal company awards
  2. A document detailing my impact at Company B including internal feedback, growth metrics and numbers + accounts I managed
  3. A document detailing my impact at company B and projects I was involved in with screenshots and feedback.

Total is 10 documents and I am looking to apply in 5 days. Please share your thoughts as I would really appreciate all the feedback.

@Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk and everyone else, thank you!


Was your mentorships paid or unpaid project? Hope that your structured community mentorship is a popular event in Tech. The free resource which has more than 100, was it significant enough comparing to the others similar community? The idea here is to show that you are potentially or you are exceptional to the other tech person in your area.

Employment contract and internal awards are not a strong evidence. OC3-2 and OC3-3 seem to be self-authored evidence. It will be great if you can have the LOR from the company B mentioned about these contribution and briefly about the metrics you had impact to ensure that your evidence is legit as well.

I hope this helps @asaiy