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Hi everyone - I’ve been forming my application after reading through tons of posts on here (and got some great tips on my last post - thank you all), and I’d really appreciate some final advice so my application is as strong as possible. @Francisca_Chiedu Would be honored to get your thoughts as I’m confused if we can still reuse evidence!

I have worked on the business side (product and product marketing) at digital technolgoy startups - Company 1 was a HealthTech company and Company 2 is a crypto company (and my current job). For my resume, I went to a good school in the US.


  • COO Company 2
  • Director of the Center of Digital Health (advisor at Company 1)
  • Revenue Enablement manager at a FinTech fund, previous CMO and CSO at a large trading technology company (industry contact and mentor).

Main Criteria:

  • Evidence 1: Company 1 leading talent in HealthTech
    • Company 1 equity grant (was first to receive equity aside from founders)
    • Company 1 Amount of funding raised to-date
    • Awarded as a Women in Entrepreneurship Panelist of the year (website announcement as evidence) for work at Company 1
  • Evidence 2: Company 2 leading talent, as shown by high salary
    • Company 2 salary and equity grant (salary converted to pounds)
    • Glassdoor and Indeed metrics that show this is a good salary for my level of experience
    • Amount company is currently worth ($400m).
  • Evidence 3: Letter from Company 2 CMO
    • Explains exact contributions to company growth, successes, proof of awards won on behalf of the company, and certifies my $$ impact

OC2: at least 1 example of innovation as a founder of a product-led digital technology company or as an employee working on a new digital field or concept

  • Evidence 4: Created a machine-learning risk platform at Company 1
    • White paper/evidence of working on the white paper
    • Video of me presenting an extensive research white paper (on our emerging product’s machine learning) to an accredited digital health organization and being led by the Dean of the Yale School of Public Health
  • Evidence 5: Company 2 proof of crypto backtesting research written by me and a data scientist and a reference to the CMO letter of recommendation that confirms that this is an innovation
    • Stats from the research - how many deals it reached, etc
  • Evidence 6: Reference letter from CEO
    • Explains company innovations and how I am contributing, references specific projects and articles I have written

OC3: at least 1 example of significant technical, commercial, or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder or employee of a product-led digital technology company

  • Evidence 7: Company 2 Awards won
    • Specific accredited awards won
    • Evidence of me being the one to apply to the awards
    • Reference to CMO and CEO letters which affirm I was the one to apply
  • Evidence 3 (reusing): Letter from Company 2 CMO
    • Explains exact contributions to company growth, successes, proof of awards won on behalf of the company, and certifies my $$ impact
  • Evidence 8: Year metrics from the start of employment to current June 2023
    • Analytics dashboard of dramatic increase in new traffic/clicks, leads generated, growth of leads, SEO hits, etc
  • Evidence 9: Metrics on articles written
    • Deals associated with work; deal amount, views

Please let me know if I have a shot - I’m really eager to apply! @Afolabi @alexnk @mojisolao @May @tundeph @ask4jubad

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I think you are eligible based on the evidence you have provided but you need to be mindful how your combine unrelated evidence so you don’t confuse the assessor. Also the mandatory criteria does not show any external industry recognition or participation, all your evidence are limited to your job so you may want to think of other external evidence like conference speaking, industry award and other examples listed in the guide.

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For clarifications, you can repeat evidence in MC and OC, if they match the two criteria, especially when it is just one like you did, so it’s fine. *** I JUST READ FROM ANOTHER APPLICANT NOW THAT YOU CANT REPEAT EVIDENCES, PLEASE CONFIRM THIS WITH THE TECHNATION GUIDE****

Every other thing @Francisca_Chiedu is also my sentiment.

Also, in your evidences generally, I think it is important to make evidences referring to your specific impact more obvious than company results, I said that because the Award you received in Main Criteria (Evidence 1) proves your impact than the company raises you put ahead of it.
Also when you are talking about any company raises or similar things, always link it to your contribution.

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@ellagna I think you have a strong application.

OC2: It should be “recognized for your work outside of your immediate occupation”. But you evidence seems that it could be OC1 as an innovation criterion also. Just make sure that you go for the correct one.

That’s my main concern. The rest are good, just to ensure you can connect the evidence together.

Best of Luck with your application.

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Thank you so much for the advice! I will make sure to separate out the evidence and show evidence of me as a speaker for a leadership pane. I really appreciate it!!

Good catch - I definitely meant the innovation one!! Thanks a ton for the advice and wishes!

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Great - thank you so much!! I will definitely refer to specific impacts and perhaps leave out the company raises since I can simply show my equity grants and salary as evidence of individual successes. Appreciate this a lot!

Hey, If you separate out the evidence of you as a speaker for a leadership panel, won’t that take it to the other category of evidence outside of my immediate occupation? You previously weren’t showing evidence in this category, correct?

@Francisca_Chiedu Hey, how important is it to show evidence of outside of my immediate occupation ? What if someone only shows evidence on the innovation and contribution category, does that make the application weaker? Thanks for your attention.

it is important but you can select the criteria with strongest evidence.

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Hi! I’m just adding the panel to my MC to strengthen it. My OC1 is the innovation category where I am separating out my occupation-related successes. Not entirely sure if this answers your question but hope it helps!

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu! As I get ready to apply this week, I had a few last-minute questions:

  1. Is a LinkedIn link acceptable as a CV for my LoRs? (letters are DocuSigned, but one recommender doesn’t have an updated CV but has an updated LinkedIn)
  2. One LoR gave me her CV, which is 75 pages long. Will I be able to upload this or should I just forgo it over a LinkedIn if that’s allowed?
  3. I work for a US-based start-up that has full-time employees in the UK but is not an official UK entity yet (planning to be by 2024). Is it okay if I tell Tech Nation in my personal statement that my plan is to continue to grow my career with my current company in the UK, or do I have to be working for a fully UK company?
  4. I always use Grammarly to spellcheck my work and mindlessly used it on my Personal Statement. Does this count as AI? Hoping not!!
  5. I was honoured as a panelist for a university (Women in Entrepreneurship Panelist) along with some other technology leaders. As it was not an ‘official’ conference I’m not sure what to classify it as or if it would hurt my application more to include. Can I simply use a screenshot from the announcement and position it as an award? Should I have the conference organizer affirm that over 100 people attended and call it a conference? I feel like it is important to have a varied MC but ultimately weakened by the Tech Nation guidelines.

I really appreciate any time you have to answer these - you’re doing such amazing things for this forum!!

  1. Yes. Most people add the CVs of their recommenders.chrck that their LinkedIn profile suggests that they are leaders or experts in their field. 75 page CV is a lot. You can show linkedin and/or extracts from the CV.

  2. It doesn’t matter if you mention you plan to work for the company in the, I want to believe you will become tax resident in the UK when you move. So it’s fine. In addition to your work Aldo add the contribution you will make outside your work.

  3. I don’t think spelling checking counts for AI, I believe the guid was making reference to personal statements or letters that don’t look original but mainly generated by AI tools.

  4. If you have a certificate or award confirming your recognition, it could pass for ab award. A panel could be used for a talk with significant viewership or attendance. Do you have evidence of you on the main stage and audience size?

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  1. I do not have any certificates, and it was a panel after Covid hit but there is no video of it - just the website announcement. I can contact the organizer and get a letter affirming it was a main stage panel event with over 100 people in attendance, but since I have no other real evidence I’m not sure if it will hurt my overall MC if the rest are very strong.

No pictures of you speaking?

Don’t believe so. Early pandemic so don’t even think they knew how to record the Zoom

@Francisca_Chiedu do you think it will hurt me to include if no photos of actual event?

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You can try if you have space for it

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There should be some kind of “during-event” evidence. So, beyond the letter, try to ask if they have some screenshots whatsoever.

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Organizers are trying to dig up screenshots, but would emails with my fellow panelists following the panel and texts from colleagues as I was in the panel wishing me well count as event evidence? I’m trying to make this app as near-perfect as possible!!