Part time Lecturing as an optional criteria

Hi guys, I wasn’t endorsed by Tech Nation even after review because i was told part-time lecturing for a year in Engineering can’t be regarded as mentoring. I am just tired of the review process.

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Hello @sojo - I feel your pain. Many of those who got the visa didn’t get it after the first (and, sometimes, second and third) attempt. I appreciate it can be very frustrating, but if it is of any help - you’re not alone, and it does not mean you will not be able to get endorsement after another attempt(s).

The decision may feel unfair and subjective (and it may as well be). One has to appreciate that the decision is made based on a limited amount of evidence. It is not you, who was not endorsed, but rather evidence did not look impressive for the decision-maker.

I am suggesting taking some time off to regroup. Ask yourself - if you can address the issues with your application mentioned in the decision letter? If so - addressing it and applying again might be an option.

If not - then considering other opportunities may be a way through. Can you secure an offer from the Skilled Worker Visa Sponsor? Or are there any other countries that may be looking for someone with your profile with other Visa programs?

One can also consider asking for legal advice - talking to an immigration adviser and describing your situation may be a good start.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Tech Nation and I don’t represent Tech Nation in any form. Neither I am a lawyer and this is not legal advice.


Hello @Alex_P, Thank you very much. I know I can get it I have below documents

(1) A pending patent and commercialization plan to use the patent
(2) 2 peer-review publication in highly rated IEEE journals
(3) 2 conference paper presented
(4) A video demo on CNN, a local station, and online media coverage
(5) Mentorship for a year as a part-time lecturer
(6) Key Engineer at work creating AI products used by the financial institution saving them 1 million pounds in salaries
(7) Offer letter showing my employment as ML/AI and Computer vision Engineer.

I can’t ask my manager for a reference letter because it would make them realize I am planning to leave the country and another thing is most of our project is closed source under a private Bitbucket that can’t be shared with the public.


Hello @sojo.

Did you apply for ‘Exceptional Talent’ or ‘Exceptional Promise’ category? Your profile does look like meeting ‘Exceptional Promise’, but not necessarily for ‘Exceptional Talent’ (see this one for comparison: My case summary) in my subjective opinion.

Please bear in mind that the requirement that candidates for ‘Exceptional Promise’ should usually have less than 5 years of experience was removed some time ago if I am not mistaken, so, at least in theory, anyone should be able to claim ‘Exceptional Promise’.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Tech Nation and I don’t represent Tech Nation in any form. Neither I am a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

I applied for the exceptional promise only to come back with am not exceptional talent. I have 2 years of working experience as an ML Engineer. I just felt my application was denied first before looking for a reason to denying it. I don’t believe Part-time lecturing in an organized institution for a year not meeting the criteria of mentoring.

Unfortunately, there’s almost nothing one can do about it other than applying again or giving up.

Thanks, Alex_P I will give it a try.

hi @sojo looking at your profile, you seem to have many good credentials. Did the feedback from TechNation came only on the Mentoring part and no mention of other achievements?

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There was news regarding a new visa programme in the UK for fintech professionals. You may as well wait until it is official
It may be an interesting alternative.

Did you try also looking for a Skilled Worker visa sponsors who can extend a job offer for you? You will still need a job, and with your profile, it should not be much of a challenge.

@geet_umber Thanks. That wasn’t the only thing they said.

(1) They said the expert recommending me are not a talent. The guy we are talking about has a startup in AI fully functional in the medical space and also a medical doctor that finished from an Ivy League University, got awards from MIT. He has also been contributing to deep learning advancement in terms of publications
(2) They also said my one publication has just 2 citations the other one 40 citations in the last 1 and half years and is not good enough for a global talent or promise.
(3) The letter of recommendation from my experts is not interesting to warrant a nomination
(4) The said I don’t meet any criteria even with the media coverage by international media such as CNN, online coverage, and local television coverage on my project. I have a commercialisation plan between the school I graduated from and the private sector to use my algorithm
(5) Github has 20 contributions last year. I am drowning in work projects and I barely have time to be contribution actively.

Wahooh @Alex_P thank you very much, I will check it out.

Hiya, sorry about this have you considered applying under the research route?

Thanks, @Antonia_Anni. I am looking to work in Tech that’s why I am looking at the Tech nation route.

What you do when you get to the U.K. is up to you, explore options to get in first

@Antonia_Anni, I only have 2 Journal papers and 3 conference papers, and graduating as a Ph.D. holder this March. I am yet to get my certificate. I have gone through the requirements via researcher and it seems I might have to apply for a fellowship from outside of the UK. I also have to get a top researcher to vouch for me as a potential talent.

Ok…is getting all those a challenge

@Antonia_Anni nope, it is going to take some time.

It’s good to take the time to figure out your best options and increase your chance of success

Thanks @Antonia_Anni

Hi @sojo I stumbled on this thread after I wrote a response to you on another thread. I think the feedback from the assessor(s) is inline with what I guessed in that other message. Your document listing doesn’t seem to be strong for each specific criteria. This may not be that you don’t qualify. It may simply be a problem of “packaging”. I do not know knowing for sure as I am simply speculating.

I also should mention that anything I can share is from personal experience. It is not immigration nor legal advice.

Wishing you the very best.