Not sure if to apply for a Global Talent visa

I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Essex, UK, on a Tier 4 visa. My PhD is on Embedded Artificial Intelligence in mobile platforms. I am really interested in applying for the Tech Nation Global Talent visa and was hoping if I can get some help on this regard.

A little bit about me:

  • I am a published scientist with more than 40 peer-reviewed research papers in top journals and conferences ( and currently I am one of the top 5 scientific authors in Embedded Machine Learning according to Google Scholar ( Apart from publishing in Embedded Machine Learning, I have also published on the topic of information security.

  • I have developed/co-developed several technologies that are helping billions of people in some ways. Many of my work has been featured or I have been quoted as a thought leader in numerous media outlets such as Business Insider, Business Weekly, Gadget Now, Times of India, Cosmopolitan, USA Today, etc.

  • Last year I co-developed an AI powered food management application - nosh - that helps user reduce food waste at home. This app is now helping thousands of people in the UK to reduce food waste at home and is ranked no. 1 in food management and food waste in the UK’s Play Store among thousands of app for the category/keywords. This app is also featured in numerous media outlets such as Business Insider, Yahoo News, Echo News, LBS radio, etc. Moreover, I also co-founded (virtually) a company, Nosh Technologies, based on the success of the nosh app.

  • I am also a TEDx speaker advocating for the positive use of Artificial Intelligence in our society.

My questions to you:

  1. Do you think I will be eligible for the Global Talent visa?
  2. If Yes, then which route should I take?
  3. What should I do or how to seek help to get the right documentation ready so that it can improve my chances of a successful application.

P.S. I do not like to share my achievements and please do not take this as me showing off. I come from a humble family in India and I am the first in my family to get higher education. I don’t have access to legal support on these types of matters from my family side and hence, reaching out to the community to get some help. I really appreciate your time and support in this.

@somdipdey from what you shared about yourself, you obviously have an amazing profile and very high chances of getting endorsed. Most of us (The Tech Nation Alumni), used to think the same that we do not fulfill the criteria. But how can one know unless you don’t even give it a try?

From what you asked.

  • Do you think I will be eligible for the Global Talent visa?

You do have a very high potential from the information you have shared. Remember, I do not represent Tech Nation and everything I share here is my personal opinion based on the experience with Tech Nation.

  • If Yes, then which route should I take?

Global Talent Exceptional if you have at least over 3,4 years of experience.

  • What should I do or how to seek help to get the right documentation ready so that it can improve my chances of a successful application.

I shall always suggest to take your time and read the Tech Nation guide thoroughly and multiple times. All the documents required are mentioned in the guide. My personal advice would be to not rush for it. Arrange the documents that very well present your case even if this takes you 2, 3 months. Look at the entire timeline of your career and document each and every contribution you ever made. Sometimes a contribution or research may look minor to you but it could be enough to fulfill optional or mandatory criteria.

I do not like to share my achievements and please do not take this as me showing off

I don’t think anyone of us would think this is a show off because you seem to be genuinely seeking for help. I have nothing against anyone who wants to apply for Global Talent through Migration Agents but my personal advice would be to do it yourself since you are the one who knows best about yourself and can represent yourself very well.

@somdipdey I agree with Zamana.

However, you may be also interested in the new graduate visa programme - just in case:

You should be certainly eligible for this one!

Hi Alex @Alex_P ,

Thank you for your reply on this. The issue with the Graduate Immigration Route is two folds for me:

  1. My company has secured funding deal from VCs but I can not accept it till I switch my visa from Tier 4 to any other visa that allows to run a business in the UK. For the graduate visa route I have to wait till 1st July to apply for it and that is a long time ahead.
  2. The graduate immigration route does not count towards “settlement” in the UK, which is my goal.

But again, I am open to exploring all my options for visa in the country.

Hi Nabeel,

Thank you for your reply on this. Really appreciate it.

I wanted to ask about your comment on “Global Talent Exceptional if you have at least over 3,4 years of experience”.
Does the 3-4 years of experience counted as a full-time role?
Or 3-4 years of experience in a particular position such as a Software Engineer, Product Manager, Research Engineer?
Or 3-4 years of work experience in general?

I have switched roles many many times and have worked as a Software Engineer to Product Manager to Research Engineer to Research Associate. And, all the positions have different time associated with them (1-4 years each - full-time and part-time positions included).

Should I go for Global Talent Exceptional Promise instead? (Given the fact that I am completing my PhD now)

@somdipdey I gave you very rough estimate. For example you can have 1 or 2 years of total experience but you developed something that changed life of millions of people. I see no reason to not go for Exceptional Talent in that case. Promise means talents who are emerging and have very high potential. You need to show experience in the field you are applying to get endorsed so this can’t be a general experience. Also PhD is not a mandatory criteria for Global Talent visa so it does not matter if you are doing it or have already done it. I am not a PhD but still got endorsed.

@zamana Thank you for this suggestion, Nabeel. So, what happens if I have changed fields? Previously I used to work in information security (in terms of research) but then I moved to Embedded Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence. Do you happen to have any idea on if change in field has any effect? But professionally I was working as a Software Engineer and now as a Research Engineer and Research Associate while running my own company as well. Any suggestion on what should I focus on in my application?

It depends, for example if you were previously working in Cybersecurity and then switched to AI/ML in Cybersecurity then you count the entire experience.

Regarding your ‘talent vs promise’ question, it seems that one can apply for Exceptional Promise but got endorsed as Exceptional Talent if the committee thinks one meets the Talent criteria. If I were you I’d apply under the Exceptional Promise category, just in case.

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Thank you for this suggestion, Alex. I will be doing that.

I was in Cybersecurity, however, I moved to AI/ML in mobile computing. So, should I be counting experience of both the fields together or separate?

@somdipdey again, the number of years experience is a very rough estimate and I cannot certainly say YES or NO. As Alex said, you should try your luck with Exceptional Promise and if Tech Nation finds you qualify for Exceptional Talent then you will be endorsed accordingly.

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Thank you, Nabeel, for your suggestions and input on the application. @zamana BTW How long did it take to get the endorsement in the Stage 1 since application? And from whom did you get the recommendation? Do your referees have to be very repeated guys who have Wikipedia page?

@somdipdey I have shared my timeline in another post Received my Vignette today

And from whom did you get the recommendation?

I don’t think anyone here would answer this question. The requirements for referees are mentioned in the Tech Nation Guide. In short, your referees should know your work and this is only possible when you have worked with them. They have to be at least head of the department, directors and executives of product led companies and obviously they need to be working in the same sector as yours.

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