Received my Vignette today

Hello everyone,

I just received my Vignette today. I just want to thank everyone who contributed in this forum, shared their experiences and helped others. I will still continue contributing to the forum as much as I can.

Following is my timeline

17th Dec 2020, a friend in UK sent the picture of Tech Nation ad (which seems to be on a bus stop). Then I started researching about this visa and the requirements.
2nd Feb 2021, submitted Tech Nation application
3rd Feb 2021, got endorsement email from Home Office
18th Feb 2021, submitted my biometrics
25th Feb 2021, got email from Visa center that they have received my passport but I couldn’t collect it due to weekend
28th Feb 2021, I collected my passport with Vignette sticker


Wow. Congratulations. It Is amazing that you got it all done within 2 months… that must be some sort of record.

Safe Trip to the UK. Don’t forget to join the Tech Nation Visa Alumni Slack channel. There are some amazing resources there and the community has been super helpful to me too.


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Congrats @zamana. Can you please share your steps which you have done in Stage2 including documents and short or long term plans in UK which need to submit in the stage 2 which help another candidate who is in this stage or may be in future.


Once you submit stage 2 along with payment, the application will ask you to download a checklist and then redirect you to the Visa Center which is mostly VFS Global. There you need to book an appointment to go along with the documents in the checklist, have your biometrics done and submit your passport. You then have to wait upto may be 4 weeks, the Visa center will call you or you will receive an email to collect your passport.

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Thanks for the details. Means we dont need to mention short or long term plans in UK, just pay the visa and health charges fee and submit it. After that collect all the documents mention in the checklist for biometric. Right?

@Rahul You need to submit personal statement in Tech Nation Application which may include your short or long term plan. I copied same statement in the “Tour Details” which is one of the document in checklist

@zamana Which documents did you support, could you share pls?


I suggest you ask recent applicants. This person applied in 2021, the criteria and standard have changed over time.

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