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I am preparing to apply for TN visa as an exceptional promise. I want to ask you a question about my startups without traction that couldn’t become commercial. I have run 3 startups but none of them have become commercial startups but their websites are published and their apps are on App Store and Google Play. How do you recommend I mention these startups as a piece of evidence?

It depends. Unsuccessful startups could add value to your application if you can show something out of the process - i.e. new learnings, or something innovative that didn’t necessarily find commercial fit yet. I am hoping that these startups are primarily “additional” evidence and not your core case for getting TN. If it is the core case, it seems a bit weak at outset.

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I have worked for three tech hubs that have partnered with Google, Facebook to provide Digital marketing trainings and services for entrepreneurs , they enroll for Google and Facebook courses using our company link and learn how to boost their businesses using tech.
We also carried out the Google my business project and listed and verified businesses on Google.
So I want to know if I am eligible to apply for the Global promise route.

Thanks as I wait for your feedback.

It really depends on your all story. And I think it’s another topic. It’s way better if you open a new question.

Thanks a lot for this feedback

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@Shreeniwas_Iyer Hi again, I’d like to ask you something about this topic.

While I was working as a developer in companies, I started a business, developed their apps, built a community, etc. I wonder if these kinds of cases are compatible with that criterion?

  • proof of recognition for work beyond the applicant’s occupation that contributes to the advancement of the field

@acerbastimur possibly, yes.

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I thought that was fulfilling the innovation criteria. For example, while I was working in a product-led software company, I started a new product alongside my current occupation, and after three months, I left my work to give my whole time to my product. Also, that was an innovative app that brings value to its market. I wonder if you suggest me to add this case to oc1 or oc2?

Thanks! By the way, I’m entirely open to any feedbacks for my profile!