LoRs - DocuSign Recommendation Letter

Hi! One question please:
I have got docusigned letters. The thing is:
Do I really need to attach certificate at the bottom?
Reason: I don’t feel editing or merging the pdf doc will is recommended as it may break the authentication or 100% validity of the Docusigned PDF. My LoR has docusign sign, linkedin profile and then CV details inside it already. Do you recommend editing/merging the LoR pdf for the Docusign certificate still? Thank you!!

You can download from DocuSign a single pdf that includes the certificate in it.

But how this will get added? By merging it to the PDF? Wouldn’t it break or hurt the authenticity of the docusign LoR pdf?

Note my edit :slight_smile:

While I don’t think it matters too much, the guide states that:

Letters of recommendation can be created using a digital signature service (such as DocuSign or similar service), enabling the inclusion of the document log file that clearly indicates the letter’s author and signature originated from a different IP address to the applicant. Letters must uploaded on Tech Nation’s Application Platform.

So if you can add it I think you should, even if it breaks the pdf signature because it seems they care more about the certificate.

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You are amazing!! That makes sense totally. So, for me and every future applicant, yes it is good to add certificate than skipping it! Thank to you!!

For future visitors. Here’s the solution that I have found: