DocuSign Solution Tip 2023: Here's how to AUTO include certificate. Don't MERGE PDFs!

I am so glad to share this method of Proper Verified DocuSign that I have found myself after weeks struggle!! I am so amazed that no one has ever mentioned it or made lives easier…Well, here is the thing:

Background information:
No, you SHOULDN’T MERGE the pdf or play with it like editing etc, to add that CERTIFICATE.
Reason: As an IT professional, I got baffled that as a professional practice, you should NEVER do anything with eSigned documents as it will make it UNVERIFIABLE…so there’s no purpose left of all that struggle if you still merge or edit it to add that certificate file.

so WHAT to do?

I just found in the settings of the docusign that allows you to ADD CERTIFICATE automatically once the signature is completed by the author!!! Then you download that eSigned pdf and it will have a certificate already at the end!!! Whoaaa!!!

How to do it?
Here you go, just check mark this option from the setting:

Hope it helps and happy to give back to the community :slight_smile:


@Francisca_Chiedu @May @alexnk @Ido_Moshe
First of all…thanks to you all for your support always!
Here’s the tip that I request you all to share onwards whoever asks this.Thank you

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Thanks for sharing your finding! @Godzilla

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Thanks @Godzilla

Just to check…is this for the person signing (author) or the person receiving (applicant) ?

How don’t merge PDFs and still keep 3 pages???. I thought we are supposed to Merge Recommendation letters with their CV to keep that to the number of pages. ???

There’s no issue of keeping it to 3 pages. Only the letter authored should be up to 3 pages. Their contact information including CV and docusign certificate can expand to other pages without any limit issues.

@Godzilla Could you detail the steps exactly. I see the options for combined and separate pdf but the combined option does not downloaded with the certificate.

Yes, good to go. Combined. This receipt doesn’t include in the list of letter lengths. No worries

Hello. I have a question for reference letter. The evidence is required to be 3 pages maximum. My reference letter is 2 pages and other information is 1 page, which makes 3 pages. But if I add the digital signature certificate, it would be more than 3 pages. Should I include the signature certificate or upload it to google drive and provide a link? Thanks

But for CV, can I merge the CV with the signed pdf?