Letter of Recommendation from Academia

Is a higher education institution considered an expert in the digital technology field. In other words, could a member of faculty of a University provide a letter of recommendation?

Hi @r2d2,

Absolutely!! Half of my reference letters are from Academia. See this: My case summary

There is, however, one wisdom (a subjective opinion, of course! AND I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH TECH NATION, BTW) that I want to share.
The letters from industry were more focused on execution, and material improvements (like, a tool I created saved thousands of hours of manual work, or an innovation that improved yield/productivity etc). The letters from the academia were more centered on cognitive influence, especially around the globe. My referees proved how the papers I published were cited by eminent researchers from more than 10 acclaimed organizations.

All the best!!

Thanks a lot for sharing your case summary! Very reassuring:)

The research/ academia recommendation from Profs should be for published papers? or it can be ongoing work also (non-published)? I saw in the Option category:
** A letter of support from a research supervisor or other expert in your area of expertise affirming their potential world-class standard. This is in addition to the required letters of recommendation and must be written by another individual;*