Is Entrepreneurship Necessary?

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Question - Is prior entrepreneurship experience or a plan to become an entrepreneur necessary for the technation endorsement? If someone is not an entrepreneur and don’t plan to become one, however has significant technical experience, strong startup operator, will that be sufficient?

Entrepreneurship is not the only experience. You can broadly fall into the category of founder, senior executive, employee, researcher in digital technology for this endorsement. This is why there are 4 optional criteria to choose the best 2 that align to your experience.

@la0709 At least please let us know, which optional criteria (#1,2,3,4) you plan to satisfy, and it will be great if you can provide some brief information about your evidence so that we can help you to evaluate.

I believe not, but in case if you have not read the visa guideline, I suggest you to do so here.

Hi @alexnk Provided more details here in a separate post