Can someone please help me review my application?

Profile - 7+ years of product management experiencecross fintech, marketplaces and saas
Presently in UK on a tier 2 visa since last 5 months. Before this workeda in Singapore for 3.5 years and before that worked in India for 3 year

Overall experience -

3 years in India in a tech company joined at series A, helped it scale and exited at series B
3.5 years in Singapore with leading 2 tech companies where I was hired from India
Over the last 5 months working with a global UK tech company that hired me from Singapore

3 LORs

  • Founder of company in India I worked for (Company A)
  • Founder of company in Singapore I worked (Company B)
  • Head of department for a company I worked in Singapore (Company C)

Exceptional Leader track

Mandatory criteria evidence (How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised as (or recognised as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector in the last 5 years?**)

  • Letter from VP product of Company B whom I reported to during my tenure in Singapore
  • Salary drawn, Equity options granted
  • Actual product links/screenshots and news articles
  • Salary and equity granted by Company C

OC 1 - “How do I demonstrate that I have a proven track record or examples of innovation in the digital technology sector as a founder or senior executive of a product-led digital technology company or an employee working in a new digital field or concept?”

Built an innovative feature in Company C which led to growth.

In terms of evidence,

  • I have design and link to feature details on the company website.
  • Letter from a colleague about how I had built the same feature

OC 2 - How do I demonstrate that I have been recognized for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

  • Letter from CEO of leading conference organizer where I was invited as a speaker in 2019. Attended by 600+ attendees
  • Clippings, Photos of different events I have spoken to, PR release of a feature I launched for company B

OC 3 - How do I demonstrate that I have made significant** technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company**?

  • Revenue and user Growth due to my features for Company C as evidenced by media reports
  • Revenue and user Growth due to my features for company B evidenced by letter from Country Head whom I worked for 20 months in growing this revenue
  • Reference letter from a colleague in Company C
  • Salary growth, additional equity granted in Company C

Questions -

Q1 - Is my evidence sufficient for each of the criteria?
Q2 - Out of OC 1, OC 2, and OC 3, which one should I go for?
Q3 - Is it necessary that LORs should be on a letterhead or a signed PDF with all contact details will do?

@Francisca_Chiedu @steven4320555 @Shreeniwas_Iyer @May @alexnk - If you can please share your inputs :slight_smile:


  • Salary and equity, if you can squeeze them into 1 document, it will leave you more evidence space for other important evidence.
  • The articles will need to be talking about you. Published in a well-known professional publication.
  • You may need to provide more evidence demonstrating how you are a leader in your field.

OC1 OC2:
There is not enough information about OC1 or OC2. From my gut feeling and from your career record in digit tech, the OC1 might be a choice for you, but you need to demonstrate the INNOVATION you contributed to those tech companies.

OC3 looks like a strong criterion for your application.

I hope this helps.

Hi @alexnk

Thank you…

Q1 - What sort of additional evidence I can provide in order to prove myself to be a leader in the field?
Q2 - For OC 1 - you mentioned about OC 1, can I check in terms of innovation, does it need to be a patent or any innovating feature which contributed to growth also works?
Q3 - For OC 2 - I have another evidence letter from the CEO of mentorship program where I mentored younger PMs for 4 months. Does this make OC 2 stronger?

You should try to get LOR from external experts in the digital technology sector beyond those you’ve worked for.

Your OC2 must be for work done outside your immediate employment so press release of a feature launched for company B will not be suitable. Also make sure the events were not organised by your company or as part of your work.

@la0709 please see my comments below

I suggest you to look into the example of the Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation , and think about your own achievement, contribution, or anything that shows that you are one of the top players in your field.

No, it does not need to be a patent. It just needs to be newly created with a new idea. Just think of it through your career, and demonstrate how much you contributed in the innovation. It could be digiti product, features, process, or anything. Again read through the TN guideline.

The letter is a supporting document to prove that another/other documents are true, and yes it will help your evidence stronger.

@alexnk must one recommendation letters come from experts working in a product let company and for instance can I use a letters from;

  1. A software engineer who now works in Google but was my technical lead in my previous company
  2. A principal engineer who now works in a different company but we worked together indirectly at my time in the previous company as the one above?

Thanks for your response.

They need to be individuals acknowledged as experts in the digital technology sector, with detailed knowledge of their work over a period of 12 months and being a Be a senior member of their organization.

The “digital technology sector” or “product-led digital technology companies” are defined as businesses that provide a proprietary digital technical service/product/platform/hardware as their primary revenue source. The creation of software, processing/storage of data, or the creation/application of technical computing hardware is often a central aspect of their business model.

A software engineer does not seem to be senior enough.
A principal engineer sounds more senior and could be your recommender. However, it really depends on the size of the organization and many factors as well. More importantly, the referer or you need to demonstrate why they are qualified to recommend you in the digital technology field.

Read more at Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation

Thanks for response. I really appreciate.
don’t know if a recommendation letter from the Co-founder of a skill development & job marketplace platform for young African talents will work, where I was an instructor for over a year(though this is a commercial firm not like a volunteering experience)?

Quickly reading “marketplace platform”, it sounds like a digital technology for me. But at least you need to evaluate and confirm it. Again read the definition clearly, it should help you to confirm this easily.

Thanks Alex. Had to use another account as Discourse as limit to number of responses for new users.
Just to be certain about some parts;

  1. Must my recommendation letters be from leaders in a product-led company
  2. Can I use submit two pieces of evidence using the same company but with different content that is tailored toward the title of evidence?

Yes, you can submit more than 1 evidence from same company.

As long as it’s digital technology company. (Product led company)


Hi @Afolabi thanks so much for your feedback, with regards to this recommendation letter issue, can I use a recommendation letter from the Co-founder of a skill development & job marketplace platform for young African talents, where I was a full-stack web instructor for over a year?

Events were neither organised nor paid by my company. However, I represented my company in these events and shared my learnings. experiences from my company

Will this work?

“Represented”, This may sound like you did that on behalf of your company, not Outside of your normal day-to-day job role. So you need to be clear talking saying that it has nothing to do with your company, but you used your work as a sample or something. I hope this is clear. @la0709