IHS cost different from Spouse


Has anyone else experienced a difference in the cost of the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) between spouses?

Please note that both of us are paying for a duration of 3 years. While the cost of IHS per year is stated as 624 pounds, I am being requested to pay approximately $2849.40 for the 3-year period for my spouse, which is approximately 754 pounds per month.

Does anyone know the reason for this discrepancy? Additionally, I have already paid $2417.58 for the 3-year duration for myself.

Thank you.

@Mors_E any news for this issue. I think they asked you pay 3,5 years.

I am wondering about this. I heard ihs fees will increase soon. Did anyone experience such an increase? Or do you know when will the fees are set to increase?

I think this post here explains it

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