I got my endorsement for Tech Nation exceptional promise

Good day,

I want to use this medium to thank @Alex_P, @Badesemowo, and @Shreeniwas for their support.
That was my second attempt. I got rejected and only got the endorsement letter after review. I have learned a lot on this journey guys. All the dos and don’ts. Thank you.


Hi @sojo! I am happy to hear that! I wish you all the best with getting through Stage 2 (which should be all right I think)


Wow. Fantastic News! Congratulations!!!

I would love to have you on our eMigr8 open day when you are well settled to share your story. I believe many people (particularly Nigerian Youth) can learn a thing or two from you.

See you on the Alumni network.

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Thank you very much @Alex_P.

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@badesemowo I made a lot of mistakes. I followed your advice of rearranging the documents and using a particular format. Innovation, significance of your work and impact of your work (Time saved, money generated or money saved for the organisation). Thank you so so much bro.

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Good day @sojo, Congratulations.

I’d like to know if you can also assist me as I am in the process of gathering documents for the endorsement application. Please kindly share your email so I can share the documents I have so you can help me review them or better still help me with information you feel will help in my application.


Hello, I have sent you a request. need help with the application

@Vishal_Reddy, I have responded.

Do you mind i write you via email. I lost my Linkedin account and I am yet to get it back. Thanks

I don’t, i am happy to help out.

@sojo Congratulations bro, I sent LinkedIn request, please accept it. Thank you.

@thangavel Good day I have accepted your request.

@sojo cool, thank you but i can’t see any accepted alert.

OK. Thank you. Can you please share your email address?

Hi @Alex_P

I have started my application for the Tech Nation Visa. Would it be okay to reach out to you as well? Thanks

Congratulation Sojo for this awesome milestone, I need your assistance on my documentation if you don’t mind

Hay Dear,

My name is Nauman and i am new on this portal .I am interested in Tech National Visa and i need your guideline to get endorsement,
Although all documents are mentioned on the web portal but still i am unable to understand these all and how to get these all mentioned documents. So sir your hellp is required in this regards,
Tell me first of all which document i need to collect.
Moreover it would be better if you can share your email address or what app number for communication.
Thanks and Regards,

@Dieko and @mirzanauman I can’t share personal contact details here.

Dear Sojo ,

Good day, Thanks for your reply. could you please send me email on my email address

Thanks and Regards,

@mirzanauman I sent you a message.

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