How Long Time for endorsement in UK Global Talent Visas (GTV) Stag 1

Hi All,

I have applied for endorsement on 3nd December 2022. Still, I have not received any decision on it. Can any member in this group give information on how much time is required for endorsement?


Applied on 9th December. Still have not received any outcome. Thanks

The process usually takes up to 8 weeks to be assessed by Tech Nation. If you have not received your decision within the above timescale please do not hesitate to contact them.

My initial advice.

Did you receive any email from the UK Home office by the early dates you applied to Home Office, saying that your payment/application has been referred to Tech Nation to proceed further?

  • If you need to contact them, please ensure you populate the subject line of your e-mail including the application reference numbers and your name to ensure a prompt response. You may reply back to the email you received when you applied, which may come from, but check carefully if that is a reply-able email address. DM me if you have a question about the email address.


And have you checked your spam box?

  • Because your decision letter will be sent from a central email address and may go into your junk/spam folder. This has been a particular issue with Gmail accounts. Please ensure you check your folders on a regular basis to ensure the successful receipt of your decision. If you have not received your decision within the above timescale please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Thanks for your email…

Yesterday I got a reply with a rejection…

How many chances to get endorsed after the appeal?

You can only appeal once

Have you got any update?

Endorsed for Talent. Submitted 9th Dec and received endorsement on 7th Feb. 8 weeks wait. I had no edits all through 8 weeks. Thank you

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Endorsed for talent. Submitted on February 10th and got it today at 13th in 3 days which is surprising.


it’s really surprising
You are the first whom I know got endorsed in just 3 days


Thanks. Because of the closure I thought maybe they are processing things faster.

Yes, I got reply

With Rejected

Now I appealed.

how long it takes for an appeal to be heard.

I got my rejection today after just one week. Is it natural or they are cutting corners due to the closure?

Wow! Could you please share your application so we can learn from what you did differently. It will help new applicants.


Hey. Here is my review request Please review my application for Exceptional talent

I don’t think I had a great application but had a lot to show. For example one of my evidence was about 15 developer events I presented. I had more but couldn’t fit it into 3 pages. From the 15 at least 5 of them could be used as evidences themselves because they were major events with >100 attandees on my talks. Backed them all with links and images of either social media posts from the organizers or photos of me on stage.
One thing I tried to do is to get my major achievements mentioned on the letters of recommendation and tried to back them up with the evidences.

I think it should be the other way around.

I think it is best to show focus on your evidence and make sure that the assessor will recognize your achievements by reading through (not clicking links to read). And then you back them up with the strong LoR.

I don’t think it matters much as long as lor’s and evidences supporting each other. That is the point I am trying to make.