Please review my application for Exceptional talent


Thanks for taking time for reviewing my application. I was worried that won’t make it on time while the tech nation is accepting new applications I had to prepare my application in about a week. Hope I can get through this.

Background: Currently working at a FAANG company in the UK on a product with 100’s millions of daily users. Google developers expert. Previously worked at a UK startup >5 years remotely from my home country. I was the Tech lead supporting all devs in the company when I left. have >10 years experience in total.
Personal statement

  • why I chose to live in UK
  • how I already contributing the UK tech scene for the last 8 years while working at a startup and a FAANG company with 100’s millions of users
  • how I contributed to the tech ecosystem by producing content, speaking in international conferences in many countries and mentoring people to became leaders.
  • how my previous contributions is an evidence to my future contributions which I will continue to make and having the global talent will help me more settled in the UK.

LOR1 My skip level manager at the FAANG company with >20 years of experience. and provided referral to another applicant who got endorsed.
LOR2 previous CTO from the UK startup I worked with 3 years with 25 years of experience. managing director at a company who founded.
LOR3 Google’s developer ecosystem lead at my home countries region who is familiar with the conference and event talks, mentorships and events I organized as GDG organizer.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Letter from Google certifying me as GDE and expert on the field and talks about the number of talks, workshops, videos and articles.
  2. screenshots of my performance ratings(I got good ratings), pay(salary and stock) and promotion letter for the FAANG company I work at the moment.
  3. Confirmation of my conference talk on main stage with >200 attendees at an international conference.


  1. acceptence emails to the 3 mentorship programs I mentored at and details about the programs.
  2. links and number of views for the 20+ youtube video streaming for devs.
  3. links and number of views for other ~10 videos on youtube (online conferences, interviews, trainings and video recordings)
  4. info and images(photos on stage, announcements, social media posts) of the 15 in person events I talked.
  5. Letter from a current GDG organizer that I was an organizer at some point and co organized >30 developer events largest one being >1000 people attendee international conference.


  1. Technical diagram and and document explaining a complex cloud native microservice I architectured and developed at the startup.
  2. commits to the two open source projects with ~7k and ~15k stars managed by the company I work for and screenshots of the talk I gave on a major conference while representing the FAANG company.

You have a strong profile. Are our evidence within the last five years?
LOR- you have a good mix of experts, ensure they write about your achievements both at work and in the field, they need to state why they think you are exceptional and how your work will contribute to the UK digital economy.

As for the mandatory criteria, what do you mean by confirmation of your talk? Are you going to add pictures of you speaking on the main stage, your name on event programme, invitation or thank you email after speaking at the event?

OC2, ensure all events are within the last five years.
OC3 looks Okay but it will help to get a reference letter from your employer to confirm your significant contribution.


Thank you for your answer. Yes all of the activity within last 5 years.
The confirmation of the talk is a letter from the organizers with a picture of me on the stage and links to the news articles.
for OC3 the LOR1 from my current work and LOR 2 from my previous work talks about some specific contributions I made. would it be sufficient or do I need a different letter?

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It says it must be a different letter from the recommendation letter. So you need someone else from the organisation to write a reference regarding your significant impact

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so if you are not adding reference letter from other person from the organisation you can add screenshot of impact such as if it’s app you can show how number of user increased or anything which contributed to make product success.
Reference letter is good but if you can add other evidence it would work too as in LOR your contribution is already mentioned and adding new reference letter will do the same purpose.
What do you think @Francisca_Chiedu?

@Francisca_Chiedu if he put one letter in MC I hope it is fine correct

Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t think of anyone senior familiar with my work at my current team I included my performance feedback from last year mentions about the contribution I made. I made the submittion today and I hope it works out :crossed_fingers:.

I got the endorsement today after 3 days of sending the application.


Congrats @vudu .Do you normally include a front page explaining each evidence or you just submit the evidence

for stage 2 you are applying within UK right?

Thanks. I didn’t include an explanation. But I am not sure what is the common practice and appropriate way to add it. You can’t upload more docs than its requested and if it is not needed you are using the limited space you have.

Yes I am in the UK already.

great…I was wondering to know for stage 2 easier and faster way is to use the ‘UK Immigration: ID Check’ app
this avoids in person appointment.

Not really sure. My knowledge related with the stage two is limited.

Congratulations on your endorsement @vudu

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Congrats on your endorsement, please I need clarity on how you handled the personal statement.

Did you Answer just the 4 specific questions on the tech nation guide or you had to write your personal statement as an essay and probably copy and paste into a text book on the application form.

I’m asking because there is a part of the tech nation guide that says the personal statement shouldn’t be uploaded as a separate document

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I have written as like an essay and copy pasted to the personal statement area. Since the text areas doesn’t support mark down or formatting, things like bullet points and links don’t work. You will need to handle them manually on the form.

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congrats @vudu…seems very fast

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