Health Surcharge Switch From Skilled Worker Visa

I am currently living in the UK on a 3 year long Skilled worker visa, and my Health Care surcharge has been paid by my visa sponsor for the upcoming 2.5 years. If I switch to Global Talent visa now, will I need to pay the surcharge again?
If I need to pay, wouldn’t that mean that my healthcare surcharge has been paid twice for the same period of time, i.e. for the remaining 2.5 years?

I have the same question. Does anyone know?

Unfortunately you’ll have to pay the healthcare surcharge again since you’d be getting a new visa. But if I’m not mistaken, your visa sponsor can get a partial refund on their end.


i had the saame issue before, i found email for health surcharges refund and they did refund the amount for me. Search in health surcharge, i found their contacts there.

all the best.

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