Got endorsed today!

I submitted my application with faith and serious impostor syndrome on the 30th of March ! I got my endorsement today being 5th of May !

I am overwhelmed with joy and I believe now that I am good enough :raised_hands:. Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for looking at my work .


Congratulations!! welldone.

Would be nice to see your options to also guide others.
Congratulations once again.

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  • Founder of fintech company
  • Ceo civic tech
  • COO fintech



[MANDATORY CRITERIA] How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised as (or recognised as having the potential to be) a leading talent in the digital technology sector?

  1. MandatoryCriteria Evidence 1 - [Equity Option, Year-end Bonus, Remuneration Raise ] work proofproof of high earning
  2. Mandatory Criteria Evidence 2 - .proof of Work at first workplace
  3. She inspires women awards’ entrepreneurial woman of the year 2021
  4. Mandatory Criteria Evidence 3 - [Proof of work at second work place

[OPTIONAL CRITERIA 2] How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector?

  1. Optional Criteria 2 Evidence 1 - mentoring of young people in tech related roles, 2 recommendations from mentees.
  2. Optional Criteria 2 Evidence 2 [2 Speaking Engagements ] - youngest Leap Africa panelist .

[OPTIONAL CRITERIA 3] How do I demonstrate a significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contribution to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company?

  1. Optional Criteria 3 Evidence 1 - [Reference Letter by CEO of current company]
  2. Optional Criteria 3 Evidence 2,3,4 [3 separate documents detailing my contribution to the growth of the company including ] - Analytics dashboard of new users/traffic acquisition/clicks, digital growth, leads generated etc). Proof of work

Total Evidence Documents = 10


Congratulations, did you track your edits?

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3 edits

25th April
26th April
5 May

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congratulation. Glad you gave it a shot!

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Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

I wish you all the best in your stage 2


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Very congrats. I have a doubt
OC 3, evidence 2,3,4 this was for a company about tech?
Thanks in advance

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Yes it was for a fintech company

Hi - congratulations!!! One question - when you say proof of work, how did you quantify that? Did you attach projects or confirmation from managers? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Thank you Ella, I used screenshots of my dashboards and analytics to show incremental changes of when I started working and when I left the company . I then backed it up with another evidence that was a reference letter from a c-suite staff at the company that confirms I pulled the impact numbers that was shown .

Do you get me ?

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Yes absolutely - super helpful thank you!!

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I have a question.
what data or material can be used as proof of high earnings?

Your payslips from your company .

Can you share your Letter format

I don’t understand the question, what is a letter format ?

It is the format of the reference letter.
What should be included in the reference letter.

If you don’t mind, what documents did you present for MCEs 1, 2 and 3?

@Obiageli_Okafor as Proof of work did you provide employment contracts? If so how did you limit them to 3 pages?

I am a product manager, my proof of work is from dashboards I worked on showing before I came into the computer and after I started working there . Also collaboration emails from team mates if any .